New Hampshire

Below are a few stores selling e cigs in New Hampshire. Visit them if you want to keep your business in the state rather than sending it to California or Arizona with an online order for juice or batteries. You might love those states for holidays, but the economy that matters most to you is that the financial situation of your home state is more important. Vapers can easily do better than a cigalike without leaving town.

Holy Smokes, New Hampshire

This is a cigar shop, but their website indicates they also carry electronic vaping gear. Buy 100% USA juice, many flavors of disposable hookah pens, RBAS, and brands like Tobeco and EHPro. They carry the Russian 91% and CATS V5 RDA. Images show customers proudly smoking cigars; images which might change in the coming decade.

GP Vapor, Salem

Here is a vapor store with limited accessories and devices but a decent assortment of products, some you won’t have seen before. They carry the Fat Snow Wolf mod by asMODus (a beautifully engraved piece), the Hammer, Hades, eVic, and other fine examples of e cig hardware. Joye, Smok, Kanger, Aspire, Innokin, and HCigar devices are known the vaping world over for their quality and variety. Shop in the store or place a phone order for a small shipping fee.

Their e juices come in over 100 flavors like Sugar Cookie, Kiwi, Fluffernutter, and Chocolate Hazelnut. Come in and witness great customer service or to try a flavor at the tasting bar.

Elite Vapor, Durham

The owners of Elite Vapor are passionate about vaping and helpful to customers. Their love of the industry and of customers comes through in their patient support of individuals who are learning to vape or exploring a new type of product. They offer knowledge and a warm welcome at fair prices.

Brands on hand include Halcyon juice, Blue Magic juice, Uncle Junk’s, and devices like the K100, Munstro Mod, and Turtleship. Elite Vapor has the Innokin VV V3.0 and EPower Box Mod. Selection is better in the shop than you will ever see in reviews of the store. Elite Vapor does not offer internet shopping so call them or drop by and take a look around without pressure.

Other Shopping Options in New Hampshire

Other than the stores listed above, there are few places to buy e cigs. Customers unable to find what they are looking for or at a price they consider fair will be shopping in Philadelphia, Virginia, New York, and online.