The biggest city in Nebraska is Omaha, while Lincoln is also good-sized. Vapers will find what they are looking for in both of these cities. But if there are many places to shop for devices and accessories in the state, they are not on the radar.

These could include kiosks at malls and small, temporary businesses set up at outdoor events, but you are best to avoid a business with no permanent premises. They tend to sell overpriced gear and are not always around when you need help with a problem or wish to make a complaint.

Omaha Vapor Store

L&L Vapes, a family business, brings customers USA-made juices in numerous flavors. Try Fruity Loops, MBRO Menthol, Cuban Black, Honey, Lemon Drop, or Caramel Candy for starters. Experiment with a flavor at their tasting station before you commit to buying it, just in case the style sounds better than it tastes.

Buy e cig products manufactured by the best companies: JoyeTech, Vision, Kanger, and others. There are many imitators, but look for brand names on the boxes. Website images show wood-carved skull batteries (the X-Fire), 1300 X6 batteries, and the Visiton Infinity plus eGo Bling and other designer examples.

Husker E Cigs, Omaha

The website is once again just a reference point so that shoppers in Nebraska can look up directions, a phone number, and find out a little about what Husker sells at their shop. Sign up for a rewards card and make it worthwhile by giving the store your business regularly. More than 100 flavors from Vermillion River, Halo, and others include Ouzo, Butter Rum, A&W, Texas Watermelon, and Mint Candy. Hardware is made by Kanger and Joye, such as the eVic and Joye eGos.

Lincoln Vapor

Visit this online store and cash in your virtual coupon for a discount on products by Kamry, Innokin, and Aspire. Try their eGo RBC Single or Double starter kit or buy one for a friend. Choose the Kamry X6 and a compatible tank. The 2Six Copper 26650 and 4Nine Mod Clone are here and other clones (they could be a little more specific about the “clone” part) such as Tobh and CATS rebuildable atomizers.

Select e juices by Suicide Bunny, Alpha, MOB, Boosted, Steampunk, Time Bomb, and house juice dripped into an iClear 30B for use with your Innokin device. An interesting additional item, their Cloupor Cloutank, is a clue that vapers using wax concentrates are also welcome to look for equipment and advice at Lincoln Vapor.