Vapers will find e cig stores in the major cities of Montana, but this might involve a bit of a hunt. They are not numerous. Most electronic cigarettes purchased in the state are sold at gas stations. Such locations only carry the very basics, not the more efficient eGo cigs or the elegant and exciting APV and mods that come later.

Vapor Stores in Montana

Yet, vapers only need to pinpoint one store that carries everything they need and there is no reason to leave Big Sky Country. That shop will have to carry a considerable selection of products at good prices. Vapers need batteries, clearomizers, juice, and atomizers. Here are three retail examples.

UBlaze, Billings

Shop online or walk into this vapor store that exists to show off some special items. Nothing here is merely ordinary. New vapers will find starter kits built from Aspire batteries: a 650, pass-through, or Revolver VV. UBlaze carries kits for the iTaste VV V3.0 and also stocks the original Cool Fire by Innokin.

Clearomizers by Kanger, Aspire, and a beautiful (but expensive) Steamboy Storm Rider 2.1 were made to hold excellent e-liquid. Fill them with flavors by The Standard, Space Jam, or Five Pawns. Replacement batteries are made for UBlaze by the people who brought you Vision batteries.

Mechanical mods come from Chris Creations and Warhead Customs. These are formidable-looking devices for serious vapers.

Missoula’s Liberty Vapor Smoke

Vapers have freed themselves from the dreaded cigarette. E cigs gave them their Liberty, so Missoula honors their freedom with a small selection of essential pieces. Vapers will find the eGo-T, eGo-T pass-through, and eGo-T kit here plus tanks by Aspire to fit them.

Juice by Liberty Vapor Smoke is made from Italian flavorings, perhaps explaining the high cost of $10 per 10 ml. Almost 30 flavors can be made with as much as 3.2% nicotine: a wonderfully high amount for vapers who need a strong throat hit.

ECig Vapor Juice Store in Kalispeed

Shop for products according to their price, brand, or how well they sell at ECig Vapor Juice. Pipe smokers can switch to a 601 ePipe, but cigarette and cigar smokers will favor a Kanger; perhaps the Kanger e-Smart.

Some of their goods are a little overpriced, so hone your pricing knowledge. Choose one of the company’s many e juices including fruits from their Swirl line, Premium liquid (thus named owing to the glass bottle? They could offer a few more clues), or design your own e-liquid. Flavors from the 50/50 line include Blackberry, Blue Raspberry, and luscious Bavarian Cream.