Apart from California and Florida, which states do you think have the largest numbers of vaping stores? Would you have guessed that Missouri is loaded with them? There are over 60 such shops serving clients online, in-store, or both. Take a look and you might discover there is a vapor store close to home.

Locations for Missouri Vaping Businesses

A quick look at a map of Missouri shows that most of the vapor stores are located in high-density areas like Kansas City and St. Louis. Those are not the only cities where one can buy e cigs, but other stores tend to stand out as one-of-a-kind among traditional shops selling clothes, shoes, and books.

Some retailers who carry e cigs might not be listed either, so there are possibly tattoo parlors, pubs, and smoke shops where you can pick up an e pipe or an e cigar as well as disposable e cigs. The most popular and easily accessible product is a disposable electronic cigarette, examples of which can be found at virtually every convenience store and gas station in Missouri and every other state.

What Do Vapor Stores Sell?

Shops that carry e cig products don’t necessarily carry mini cigs like the Halo G6. They might offer eGos and 510 e cigs by JoyeTech, the Kanger Evod battery and cartomizer, or mechanical mods like the Hades, Zeus, or a Smoktech Magneto. Many stores sell assorted products such as some eGos, a few mods, and several atomizers. They offer numerous drip tips (acrylic, stainless steel, rubber, etc.) and various chargers.

It’s not unusual for a shop to sell just clones of high-end mechanical mods or mods designed and manufactured in large numbers, making them formidable but affordable. It’s not common for a company to feature just juice. But with so many businesses operating in Missouri, there are a few that focus on e liquid and also on DIY ingredients such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings. These stores carry bottles, syringes, and beakers to support DIY juice-making endeavors.

Shop Online or In the Store

Why are there some shops that do not run an online service? Online businesses cost less to run: one needs fewer employees and overheads are low. Yet, online businesses are impersonal. Customers and vendors want to get to know each other. Moreover, it is too easy to buy products online while underage. If a teenager walks into a shop to buy an e cig, he has to be a marvelous actor not to be caught.