Massachusetts has a flourishing e cig economy with this pastime catching on among its smokers and bringing hope to many who could not previously find a suitable alternative. There are about 160 places to buy disposables, most of them branches of Walgreens, but also some other convenience stores, gas stations and pharmacies. Along with those outlets one will find these products at vape shops in Auburn, Plymouth, Fitchburg, Mashpee, Lynn, Webster, and more. At least one store was established as early as 2011. Most are newer.

As one of the earliest states in the Union, Massachusetts possesses a rich history and tradition which might make it difficult for some sections of the population to embrace change. In some ways, that can be to their disadvantage. But in others, it leads to glorious compromise and unusual examples of modern products which appear to honor the past as much as they recognize the present. Maybe your local vapor store is one of these.

Breatheasy, East Bridgewater

In particular, Breatheasy seems to have struck a happy medium between old and new with their selection of Steam Pipes and Pipe Sauce. These handcrafted pipes are made in many styles to emulate the mythical and real shapes of pipes down the ages. Pipe Sauce provides e juice similar to traditional pipe flavors but with a healthful twist.

Ecig Barn: Since 2008

A father-son team started ECig Barn after the dad, a smoker for more than 30 years, quit smoking to take up vaping. Located in Middleboro during its early years, their business grew so much and so quickly that within a year they had outgrown their vapor store. The business then found itself expanding and moving to a shop in Raynham. Here they carry E-Smart kits with two batteries for $34.95, the iTaste MVP 2 for $71.95, a Caravela-style mod priced $49.95, and many other impressive names.

Barn Brew e liquid flavors include Apple Jack Sparrow, CTC (Cinnamon Toast Crunch), DragonFruit, and many themed names. Use these to fill a Protank or Evod. ECig Barn carries replacement coils for these plus batteries from $19.95.

Safer Vapors

While the ECig Barn is for a range of vapers from not-quite-new to advanced, Safer Vapors follows an unusual direction by selling uncomplicated automatic batteries and eGos for new and almost-new vapers. Their list includes the SV-100 automatic starter kit with two batteries, 5 cartomizers, and a charging kit for $54.95. It’s a bit much, but this is a BBB-accredited company. Select the T4 clearomizer, Kanger Aerotank, or SV Nova for an eGo battery or cartomizers that screw onto mini cigs like the SV-100.

A dark and dreary website gives little hint of how nice it might be in Safer Vapors but it shows exactly what they carry and whether or not it’s in stock. Look to Safer Vapors for vaping tips, lanyards, cases, and PCCs.

Buy Vapor Products

An e-cig can cost from $6 for a disposable to more than $200 for a mechanical mod. Within that range is a ludicrous number of choices and varying degrees of sophistication. The brick-and-mortar outlet is often your best option if you have never tried an e-cig or have only experimented with disposables.

A disposable electronic cigarette has its high points, one of which is convenience. But if you smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, you get through 7 disposables a week which creates loads of waste and is not saving you any money. E-cig vendors can help you out. A directory posted online points to the various shops on a map and also supplies addresses and websites if a business runs a home page.

Three Types of Shops

If you are talking about an exclusively vape-related business, there are three sorts to consider. One is the strictly physical shop whose door you walk through to browse and purchase products. One advantage is experiencing that personal touch and the chance to get advice. Another is having the opportunity to see, touch, and watch an e-cig in action.

Prices might be higher, however, so explore your options first. With added shipping costs, you never know: online shopping might not be any cheaper. Any website links take consumers to a reference site only, like Facebook or a page featuring their shop details.

Online shopping is the next option and a popular one. A few Massachusetts vendors choose to sell products just online so as to reduce their operating costs. Customers reap the benefits of this policy but will often only have the choice of buying eGos and related clearomizers and parts plus e-liquid. Mechanical mods are usually featured at shops, but those are the $100 to $200+ items I mentioned above.

The last option is a mix of both: a shop with online specials and offline variety. You can walk in, try some e-liquids then place your order online.

Brands You Can Find in Massachusetts

Consumers in this eastern state have everything at their fingertips. Certain vape shops make e-liquid in their private lab or clean room. Most of them order in juice made off-site by well-known vendors. Several companies sell Kanger, JoyeTech, and other starter kits which usually include eGo batteries, clearomizers, a charger, and a case.

You usually find variable voltage mods too such as Innokin devices. RDAs, RBAs, and mechanical mods are less common but also available if you do your homework. Clones are cheaper, but authentic mods are collectible and sometimes higher quality.

Made in China

Even though you are shopping in Massachusetts, the most likely scenario is that products will come from China. Just a handful of companies around the country make e cig mods, although there are several drip tip manufacturers and even more e liquid businesses in the USA whose products are sold in the state.