If you live in Maryland or are visiting the area from out-of-state and are a vaper, you need to know where to buy e-cig products, especially e-juice and atomizers. This is a small state so there are relatively few shops here as compared with Massachusetts, New York, or Illinois, but take heart. New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, and North Carolina are close at hand to expand your range of choices. Better still, you could find an online option either in the state or from another location and not worry about traveling.

Buy E Cigs in Maryland

The price of an average disposable is too much and their life is too short to stick with these for long, though they are easy to find. Unfortunately, most disposables contain high amounts of nicotine and are filled with menthol- or tobacco-flavored e-liquid. Vapers know there is more to vaping than the old analog styles. They can have custard without calories and drink cocktails without a hangover. They need true vaping stores.

But there are so many brands and models of e-cigs that customers’ heads are spinning at first. New vapers are encouraged to find a store in Parkville, Gaithersburg, Abingdon, or Easton if they can. Walk in and talk to a sales clerk if he is accommodating and knowledgeable. In small town shops, employees are usually friendly and eager to introduce a new customer to the vaping lifestyle which is not always the case in bigger, trendier centers.

Two Ways to Shop

Physical locations for buying e cigs are light on the ground here but excellent resources for information and products. If up-selling is not a pronounced issue, let a clerk walk you through the way eGo cigs like the Kanger Evod and Innokin Lily work. Often these stores do not operate online. Maybe they have a page on social media or a website link with directions and store hours, but they do not conduct online sales.

If you know what you are doing and have a good grasp of prices you should expect to pay for your e cigs, shopping over the internet will save you money. A couple of Maryland vendors operate online, thus saving themselves the overheads of running a brick-and-mortar store or enlarging their vape shop customer base.

Sometimes a shop will offer both options, but their in-store catalogue is wider and changes frequently. At the vape store, you can try e juice if they sell it, which they often do.

Brands Sold in Maryland

It doesn’t matter the size of your US state: Chinese brands make it to the four corners of the globe. You will see JoyeTech, Kanger, SmokTech, HCigar, EHPro, Innokin, and more. These are mass manufactured products but mostly good quality, reliable, and affordable. E-liquids are a diverse collection of in-store, national, and Chinese brands.

A few customers are looking for strictly mechanical devices like dripping tanks, rebuildable atomizers, and telescopic mods. You will find a few in Maryland but choice is restricted by the lack of vendors in the state. Explore what they have, knowing you might be heading to a neighboring state to enlarge your selection.