Vapers who live in Louisiana should be thankful they are not in Maine or Rhode Island where pickings are slim and, as a result, prices are high. Vape shops are all over the state in cities like Lafayette, Metairie, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Shreveport.

In New Orleans, particularly, you notice the influence of Louisiana flavors and culture on their e-liquids which sets a brand apart. You notice it in places like Hawaii, Florida, and California too: culinary roots and trends make their way into their e-juice menus to the benefit of all vapers who are searching for unique, locale fare.

Louisiana E-Cig Shops

First of all, where and what are these shops? A few of them specialize in hardware but sell e juice as well. Some specialize in e-liquid but carry a handful of electronic products. Most operate in-person, if not online as well, but several operate strictly online. It is not unusual for a company to avoid online sales and stick with local business either.

What to Look For

How do you choose an e cig shop in Louisiana? First of all, walk in and feel the vibe. Did someone greet you? Were you made to feel welcome and encouraged as a new vaper? Or did the greeting lack warmth? Was the store clerk unfriendly or condescending?

Here’s the thing: as a new vaper and former smoker, you do not need to feel guilty about your smoking past. You are not putting an employee out by asking questions. If it seems that way, he isn’t good enough for the job and you deserve better. Let your money do the talking.

Most New Orleans shops convey warmth and welcome so it’s hard to imagine walking through the wrong door. You will be hit with a ton of choice, but the deer-in-the-headlights expression on your face will bring a clerk running to your aid. Let her show you the simplest devices at affordable prices and she will demonstrate how they work.

E-Juice in Louisiana

This is the best part about vaping: the menu of flavors. They cover the culinary gamut from fresh fruit to thick, stodgy custards; cakes and cookies to high-balls. Just be sure to buy juices suitable for your tank and atomizer set-up. Only glass can cope with some of the e-liquid flavors out there. Certain ratios of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are too thick for particular atomizers, especially cheap ones for 510 devices.

Although online shopping is cheaper, in-person sales gives consumers the chance to ask questions about putting products together. Is a tank too big for your eGo? Should you put down that high-vegetable glycerin juice and pick up a 50/50 instead? Will your CE4 crack if you fill it with anise juice? The professionals of Louisiana’s vaping community will not let you down.