Vapers in Kentucky are well provided for. There are over 45 stores in the state, the largest concentrations being in Louisville, Lexington, and Frankfurt. Vicco, Ashland, and other cities are also home base for some Kentucky companies selling e cigs and accessories. Be grateful you are in Kentucky where vaping appears to have been warmly embraced.

Buy E-Cig Batteries

Most of these stores supply e-cig batteries such as eGos (650-mAh+ devices), Twist batteries (with limited voltage variation), advanced batteries with LED display, and regular batteries to insert into mods. Many of these companies also carry starter kits for new vapers.


You will also find basic clearomizers and tanks at these locations to go with eGo batteries. Some of them are rebuildable; many are disposable. They tend to cost in the region of $5 to $10. More expensive, rebuildable tanks are carried wherever you find mods and APVs. Examples are the Aspire Nautilus and rebuildable tank atomizers.


Usually, an electronic cigarette vendor will also carry e-liquid. Certain stores in Kentucky make their own e juice or they sell only e-liquid. There are numerous places to find e-juice from other vendors located around the country. Vapor bars where you can test e-liquid before you buy it have been established in several shops as well. Flavors are numerous: custard, fruit, candy, tobacco, hot drinks, and more.

Mods and APVs

While the eGo battery is the most popular style of e-cig (apart from disposables), numerous consumers want more power from their electronic cigarettes. They choose to vape with advanced products such as box mods and mechanical mods. Available power is at least double what one experiences from an eGo but with a price to match.

When you buy a mod in Kentucky, as elsewhere, clarify whether you are receiving the brand you were expecting or a clone of that brand. It is common for vendors to sell generic versions of popular products with the same model name, which can be deceptive.

Shopping Format

Most Kentucky vaping stores are brick-and-mortar locations. They open 5 to 7 days weekly and only operate in person. Several have Facebook pages but not websites, or they operate a web page to tell people where they are and what they carry. A few companies operate only via the internet and do not have a physical location.

Neither one of these methods is better than the other. The same risks apply to both. Most products cannot be returned for a refund or even an exchange. Policies about this kind of thing are individual to the company, but one often learns about such problems when reading reviews posted online. E-liquid can never be returned (unless you find something very wrong with the product) because taste is subjective. Not liking the flavor is not a good enough reason to call and complain.