Kansas vapers can choose from about 20 vendors if they want to keep their money in the state. Failing that, there are always online retailers from various parts of the country, but it is trendy to stay local with one’s money and also economically sensible much of the time. As far as Kansas vapers are concerned this should be doable, especially for those living in or near Topeka, Kansas City, and Witchita. Parsons and Pittsburg also host stores.

Buy an Ego E-Cig

Most vaping stores sell eGo batteries with the capacity for half a day or up to two days vaping on a charge. These include variable voltage batteries with knobs on the bottom but without display screens. It is also common for vape shops to carry bundles known as starter kits in which vapers will find at least a 650-mAh battery, clearomizers, and a USB charger. Few stores sell cigalikes unless a shop carries disposable e-cigs. Otherwise, you will probably find those in convenience stores and gas stations.

Clearomizers and Tanks

In keeping with the eGo battery, there are several good clearomizers which thread neatly onto them and last for several sessions, even a few weeks before the atomizer head must be replaced. Certain brands costing $4 or so can be thrown out. But if you can replace the atomizer head, this extends the life of a perfectly good tank and is more economical. Clearomizers usually feature plastic tubes which should not be filled with acidic e-juice flavors. Always choose glass tanks for those.

Buy E-Juice in Kansas

An e-cig vendor sometimes makes e-juice. If he has a clean room at his disposal or, better still, a lab this would allow him to blend juice when it is ordered. Most firms, however, carry pre-mixed juice from other companies.

For Experienced Vapers

When you get bored with the basic eGo format, there are several types of electronic cigs that use more power or they provide extensive voltage and/or wattage settings beyond those of a Spinner battery. Certain mods are heavy, like metal bolts, and with big bright screens. Some are box-shaped.

Mechanical mods do not have screens or a voltage adjustment button. Apart from a firing button, every other adjustment is made mechanically. There are affordable mods, high-end serialized mods, and clones of the latter group designed to look high-end.

Shop for Electronic Cigarettes in Kansas

You can buy most of your products in Kansas stores directly, but some shops also operate vibrant online businesses. A few of these stores operate online only. Where both the shop and internet options are available, it is common for the real store to carry more products than the online store. Check out a store’s social media pages too where contests and promotions frequently provide savings or prizes.