If you live in Iowa, the choice of places to buy electronic cigarettes and still keep your money in Iowa is small. Just 16 stores have opened in the state. Even if those numbers keep rising, residents are starting with less than half the choice they would have in Kentucky and a fraction of the number available in California.

No one would try to compare vaping in California with vaping in Iowa, of course, but this shows how tough it is to spend your money locally. A lot of vaping shops are located in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.

Buy Egos and Clearomizers in Iowa

Your first e cig is probably going to be a disposable from the gas station. After that, if you don’t purchase a cigalike starter kit from Halo or Green Smoke, the next step is an eGo, possibly an eGo starter kit. Inside a plain black zip case you will find a single battery featuring 650 mAh, 900 mAh, or 1100 mAh of power and a matching clearomizer in one of several colors (probably a CE4). The addition of a USB charger allows you to vape with the same battery for about 6 months although the clearomizers won’t last that long.

Egos and Clearos

Staying with the subject of eGo batteries, there are clearomizers that thread onto these devices and appear to have been made for them; especially CE4 and CE5 clearos. They cost about $4 or more and have plastic tubes. Some products should be thrown out after a week or so but the eco-friendly and wallet-friendly choice is to buy rebuildable ones. They cost more, but if you find a glass one (sometimes referred to as a glassomizer), you can vape acidic juices like citrus flavors.

Buy E-Liquid in Iowa

E-cig vendors often make their own e-juice. This allows them to cater to their specific audience, asking what their customers want and making it on-site for freshness. Usually, they also sell pre-bottled flavors and you will find a variety of choices in Iowa as elsewhere.

Experienced Vaping in Iowa

The eGo cig lasts some people years and might be their comfort zone for the foreseeable future. Many vapers, however, enjoy the power of a variable voltage device which allows one to set a higher or lower temperature. These products, known as APVs, are sold where e-cig vendors carry names like Innokin and Provari.

If their catalogue lists “mods,” you are probably shopping for mechanical devices that are battery-operated but adjusted for higher or lower temperatures in manual ways. Limited Edition mods cost $150 and more. Clones carried by Iowa shop keepers are priced half that or less. Always check online prices first if a vendor runs a website, but in-store selection could be better.