How do you know where to find a vapor store when these landmarks have only recently sprung up and you don’t know what they look like? Many vape shops, both inside and outside, resemble any other store, displaying their wares in cases and on shelves.

But not all of them play loud music or encourage vapers to hang around and play video games. E cigs directories online will aid your search so you don’t have to shop beyond major Indiana cities. It is perfectly fine to keep the money in your home state and possibly even your home town. Here are some retail vapor stores.

317 Vapers, Greenwood

You’ve come to the right place for a wide selection of electronic cigarettes created by a 15-year smoker and Youtube e cigs reviewer. He stocks excellent juices such as King’s Crown, Buckshot, Halo, and Suicide Bunny. It is clear that reviewing electronic cigarettes taught him a lot about suitable products for his customers.

These include clones of the Hades and Caravella if you are ready for a mechanical mod but not the price. For less experienced vapers, choose a Vision Spinner with the Aspire tank. Dovpo products such as the E-Mech and E-LVT are also interesting, functional pieces. The tough E-LVT, in particular, will withstand almost any rigors you can put it through.

Indy Vapor Shop

For authentic JoyeTech products, you want this Indiana e cigs store where they highlight one of the dangers of inexperienced shopping: the best products are cloned, sold cheaply, but not as good as the original. Always look for the JoyeTech 510, eGo-T, etc. Insist on seeing the brand name. Their best sellers are things like an Aria EVA case, JoyeTech e-Mode kit, Joye e-Com Double Kit, and the eVic. Indy Vapor Shop also carries more than 10 brands of e juice including Five Pawns, Moon Mountain, Vermillion River, and the The Vapor Chef.

Vapor Bank, Evansville

With two locations to serve you, Vapor Bank truly is ready to meet vapers needs. They sell an all-purpose line of products such as RBAs, mods, tanks, and starter kits. Select a Boge Cowboy e Cigar, Optimizer Tech Alpha starter kit ($24.99), or a Chi You clone.

Again, the clones are popular in Indiana, which is not to say you can’t find a real mechanical mod with a serial number. It’s just not realistic to imagine many vapers can afford $150 for the battery tube alone without battery, tank, or juice. Vapor Bank sells more than thirty mechanical mods with a few authentic ones and loads of compatible RBAs and RDAs.

Vapor Bank carries the Kanger Evod in many different colors. They have juice by Pink Spot, Ninja, and their own line. Select an Innokin device such as the 134 or Cool Fire (I and II), a Zmax, SID, or the Vamo V2. Being ready to meet every purpose, Vapor Bank stocks drip tips in various styles and colors to apply to your tanks and clearomizers.