As less cigarette smoke clouds the sky over Colorado’s Rocky Mountain range and other scenic parts of the state, consumers can thank e cig shops for providing smokers with an alternative. They are switching in their thousands to the vaping craze and Colorado e cig shops aim to promote this movement. There are loads of options in Colorado if you happen to live here or are a visiting vaper whose e-cigs have run out of power or e liquid.

Buy E Cigs in Colorado

The Vapor Shop, Rocky Mountain ECigs, Vaper Jungle, and Extreme Vapes are just four names to become familiar with. Besides these, there are numerous convenience stores, smoke shops, and other locations carrying a full or limited selection of products such as disposable e cigs and small rechargeable starter kits. Between them there is always an e cig shop open somewhere, Monday to Sunday, and there are e-cigs available online, that you can buy 24/7, here’s a couple recommendations that are available online.

The Vapor Shop

Purchase starter kits, select juices, and explore the pros and cons of various mods at this store in Westminster. The Kanger Aerotank and that same company’s Evod are virtually everywhere and for good reason: they do a stellar job with few returns from customers.

The same goes for anything by Innokin: the 134 and MVP 2.0, for instance, both of which are carried at The Vapor Shop. They have the Volcano LavaTube, an unusual selection where mostly Chinese brands feature (as is generally true of vape shops), but Hana Modz DNA 30 electronic box mods are American-made and so is the Manhattan by Ameravape. A patriotic vein runs through The Vapor Shop.

Select a fine e juice by Lotus, Vaping Rabbit, Cuttwood, Majestic, Draco, Suicide Bunny, and others. Between them, they make all kinds of sweet and savory flavors. In fact, bring home two or three. One will be an all-day vape. The others will serve as special treats. The Vapor Shop specializes in selling authentic mods and also carrying top-shelf juices.

Rocky Mountain E Cigs siteRocky Mountain E Cigs

With two Colorado locations (Northglenn and Lakewood), Rocky Mountain E Cigs is ready to serve a wide variety of vaping consumers. Their Innokin mods include the VV V3.0 which is compatible with clearomizers and also globe atomizers for waxes.

Kanger Evod clearomizers and batteries, as noted above, provide reliability for the intermediate consumer. Choose a mod or e pipe among their selection of devices and some excellent juice to pair with it. Choices include Potion XXIV, Virgin Vapor, and Alice in Vapeland.

Vaper Jungle, Denver

Open Monday through Saturday, Vaper Jungle bucks the trend for seven-day vape opening to give staff a day off. They also carry the Kanger Evod 650 and various starter kits. Starter kits are excellent value since all the items inside of them (one or two full e cigs, a USB charger, and possibly a case and/or e juice) would cost more purchased individually than when bought as a package. Vaper Jungle also carries devices for herbal and wax vapers, following a growing trend whereby companies emphasize the similarities between these two habits.

Extreme Vapeshop, Colorado Springs

Here you are most likely to find a product manufactured by a familiar Chinese company like Joye, Kanger, Innokin, or Smok. This is usually the way with general e-cig retail, especially where shelves are lined with affordable and user-friendly gear.

If you see a proliferation of these names, as is the case at Extreme Vapes, you know this is a good place to bring an uncertain vaping convert. His choices will include the eGo-C by Joye, Vision Batteries, and a variety of clearomizers. Advanced users can look at the software-compatible eVic by Joye, the Innokin VTR electronic mod, and rebuildable atomizers of various descriptions sold at assorted prices.