California is arguably the most vapor-rich state in the entire country. There are numerous vapor shops in just about every city; certainly every major city is home to more than one. Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and other urban areas have their own vaping cultures and popular spots, some open late as though to rival night clubs.

Lights might be as bright inside as at a disco. Where should you buy e-cigs in California? That depends on the vibe you are interested in and the type of e-cig you commonly use.

TheVaporSpot.comThe Vapor Spot

In West Los Angeles, The Vapor Spot is one of the busiest places to buy e cigs, mods, and vapor juice. This shop has gone through some changes, including an overhaul of customer service policies reflected in a growing number of 5-star ratings on Yelp to counterbalance many unhappy reports. Where that aspect of business is concerned, the shop has certainly improved.

Customers come to the Vapor Spot from Monday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm, and find mechanical mods, gourmet e juices, electronic mods, and a good atmosphere. It does not hurt to be young and trendy though. The interior is futuristically designed with modern, minimalist furnishings and neon lighting. Here is that club atmosphere I mentioned.

Products on their shelves include the SID, Copper LE, Kanger, Evod, and Provari, all authentic. They carry Frisco Vapor, Ragtime Vapor, and more.


Fresno’s premier e cig shop, as far as certain customers are concerned, is Elite. Their shop runs slightly shorter hours than The Vapor Spot: still Monday to Sunday but 10 to 7. This is an excellent, friendly, knowledgeable location run by locals for locals but still attracts consumers from out of town.

Their one response to a negative customer review was not appropriate, so that sends a bad message. But customer responses are generally positive, so the managers of Elite must not need to worry about how they should handle negativity too much.

Their products include the K100, IGO W6, Aspire 1300-mAh battery, and accessories. Juices come from Space Jam, Halcyon, Buckshot Vape Sauce, and more. Buy a Sentinel Mod, Ohms meter, and atomizer rebuild equipment. Among their drip tips are novelties like Bunnies. Notice the spread: Elite see vapers with limited experience and customers with the confidence to handle variable voltage devices.

The Switch

This is one of San Diego’s best-loved e cig shops for very good reasons. Their customer service is excellent and, although one might pay more here than online, it is worth the price just to experience the knowledge, service, and friendliness of their employees.

Their lounge and till are frequently crowded between 11 and 8 every day. Choose a Changeling Mod by Olympus Creations, fancy tips to go with your rebuildable atomizer, or some vegetable glycerin-dominant e juice that does justice to your expensive dripping atomizer. Try Jameson’s Juices or the Standard, for instance. Their high-end mods can be problematic even for experienced vapers, but staff will help you get past any difficulties.

Mr. E Juice Vape

Here is another San Diego example, this one featuring lots of product selection. Among their e cig mods are authentic and cloned devices. Such variety allows them to serve the public at multiple price points with equal ease.

Their pool table and video game chair are popular stops, so if the vape bar is busy wait out the lineup in one of these areas. Design-wise this place has professional, sophisticated appeal and demonstrates foresight: if it gets crowded, clients will be less inclined to grumble if they can start a game of pool with fellow patrons and friends.

Their shelves of goodies mix exciting with functional products. You will find the Manhattan mod by Ameravape, Hammer mod, King Mod, Innokin VTR, and the Kayfun Lite among others. Choose e juice like Classified, Omega, Suicide Bunny, or Mastermind. Not only is this a friendly space for vapers to hang out and do some shopping, but there is also a free build service and training available so that customers can rebuild their own atomizers at home.

California Vaping Industry Overall

San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are hot spots generally, both for vaping shops and e liquid companies. Plenty of the top brands of e liquid come from this state including Juice by Numbers, Space Jam, and Blueprint. This blossoming field of endeavor has given California a reputation for exciting new developments in the e liquid field, but there has also been a downside to the state’s vaping popularity.

In many reviews, one sees the struggle between styles, cultures, and trends. Numerous reviews reflect the discomfort some mature or conservative customers feel walking into a vape store in a California city wearing the wrong clothing or being from the wrong racial background.

They were made to feel as though ethnicity or clothing are some kind of vaping uniform and they have failed to adopt proper attire. Derisive looks, rolling eyes, and impatient employees have sometimes greeted these consumers who either turned around and walked out or bought something purely because all eyes were on them and they needed juice or coil or something.

Such experiences are far from rare, and California is one of the worst places for such offenses. Many managers have had to re-train or replace staff because they regarded new vapers with contempt or saw someone over the age of 30 as being in the wrong place; like their e cig shops was some kind of club.

This is not exclusively a California problem; nor is every shop in the state like this. It is just something to be aware of. When you read reviews, try to get a sense of the vibe you can expect from reviews. You can also tell right away if a shop is geared towards experienced, intermediate, or general vapers by their product selection.

High-end juices, RDAs, mods: these are all designed for vapers with some knowledge and confidence. Egos, less expensive e juices, clearomizers, and even 510 batteries give you the impression that a store is ready to accommodate a vaping ingénue.

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