Some states seem to have caught the e cig wave more than others. In Florida and California, for example, they are as common as pubs in England. Hawaii has seen a surge in their popularity and Washington got on board a while ago. They are huge in Nevada, but Alabama: is that a good place to look for e cigs? Do people living in Alabama have to shop outside of their home state to get good deals and product selection?

Shopping Online

No one in the United States has to sacrifice selection or good prices, thanks to the internet. Enough businesses have established a reputation for reliable service and excellent satisfaction that it does not matter where they live as long as they get mail service. So, consumers in Alabama were never going to lose out in this respect.

Age Restrictions

Does the age restriction on e cigs make a difference to Alabama consumers? The age limit is actually 19 here, a year older than many other states.

Alabama E-Cig Shopping

Citizens of Dothan, Huntsville, and Auburn can walk down their local high streets and buy e cigs. They are sold in Albertville, Auburn, Mobile, Pelham, and more. Some shops are online only. Many are strictly brick-and-mortar. Most can be found online at either a website or Facebook where online ordering might or might not be available. Web pages are frequently there just as a way to tell people you exist and give them pertinent details like hours of operations, what days they are open, contact information, and driving/parking directions.

What Kinds of Stores Are They?

A few of the shops that currently sell vaping equipment in Alabama and elsewhere are not vape shops per se. For instance, at least one store in Alabama sells vaping gear, tobacco, and spirits. Many smoke shops carry e cigs, pipes, cigars, and loose tobacco. They would also be available from corner stores and perhaps tattoo parlors or pubs.

What Types of E Cigs Can One Buy from Alabama Vape Stores?

There are four categories of e cigs: cigalikes, eGos, APVs, and mechanical mods. A cigalike is the sort most commonly sold as a disposable electronic cigarette. It’s the size of a real cigarette but lasts for the equivalent of anything from 3/4s of a pack to 2 packs depending on the make.

An eGo is a rechargeable device that’s a little longer and thicker than a cigalike. Its dimensions are closer to those of a cigar than a cigarette. The battery lasts for 6 or more hours and the top is a clearomizer you fill with e juice.

APVs are like eGos in that they supply more power and require one to fill a tank, but they can be adjusted for higher or lower voltage. They come in cylindrical, elliptical, and box formats among others.

Mechanical mods use a battery but their voltage cannot be adjusted. Consumers change vapor production by adjusting the resistance of their atomizers and also increasing or reducing airflow. All of these types of products are available in Alabama.

There is also e juice, of course; nicotine liquid (or made without nicotine) from all over the country and from China. One business sells strictly eGo mods and Dekang juice from Asia. Some vape shops make their own e juice in a back room. Still others order in juice from around the country, particularly Southern California which is where much of the best e liquid in the United States is currently being produced.

None of these is an Alabama manufacturer of e cigs. Almost all electronic products are made in China while some mods are made in the USA, and many come from Korea or the Philippines.