VaporFi Vox 50 Mod

VaporFi looked like they were ready to release an e cig for every conceivable type of user and in every shape imaginable. Now they have really done it.

The VaporFi Vox 50 Mod (50 Watts of power!) will remind you of the Innokin iTaste MVP or VTR and the Hana Modz, but it’s also different from all of these. In the looks department, the Vox 50 is unique, and technically it outstrips them all.

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VaporFi Vox 50 ModVaporFi Vox 50 Mod Aesthetics

First of all, one edge is rounded and the other is geometric, so it is not really a box as such. Secondly, the device is made of stainless steel and isn’t coated in metallic colors.

Perhaps that option is to come, but let’s hope not. The finished product is clean, sharp, and powerful-looking and doesn’t need to come in shiny blue or green. The Vox 50 is glam the way it is.

Vox 50 Mod Specs

This is where VaporFi excels: in the details. Their newest mod is capable of 50 watts output but can be dialed down to as little as 7 watts by 0.1-watt increments. You can see where you are at by viewing the OLED screen.

Although the unit is portable and the thin side is only 22-mm wide, there is room for a bright, clear screen featuring sharp blue numbers and letters against a black background. You won’t have trouble with fuzzy digits.

Protected Electronics

Safety features include reverse-battery protection and short-circuit protection. If you put your battery in the wrong way round you won’t destroy the device.

There is also low voltage and high voltage warning, plus protection against resistance below 0.2 ohms. Use the Vox 50 with resistance as low as this or as high as 3.0 ohms. Sub-ohms are a dripper’s dream.

The 510 thread allows you to connect any one of countless tanks including several made by VaporFi, but also RDAs, RBAs, tanks, and clearomizers from Aspire, Kanger, and Innokin. The pin is adjustable too to make this as versatile a machine as you could want, but small enough to slide into a pocket. While the removable battery charges up, you can use the pass-through function to vape and charge simultaneously. Impatience is a virtue at VaporFi.

VOX Starter KitStarter Kit for the Vox

The Vox kit isn’t really a package: you pay $199.99 for the vaporizer and a charger. You will be adding a tank to that and it’s not clear from the website if a battery is included. Replacements are priced $19.99, also available for pre-order.

I imagine the battery is not part of the package because, where mods are concerned, it usually isn’t. The only reason I might imagine it could be included is that $199.99 is a lot of money. An Innokin MVP costs $55 to $70. The VTR is priced around $85 to $100.

You can buy a Hana Modz for $250, but Fast Tech makes clones of the Hana for less than $100. VaporFi sits between these values but still charges a hefty price. The Hana Modz is made in the US, part of the reason for its price, but does not offer the same protective features as the Vox.

Here’s what I do know though when you buy from VaporFi:

Their warranties exceed the industry standards, such as with the VOX 50, you get a 6 month warranty, which is unheard of, and a 30 day money back guarantee, so there’s little risk. Additionally you can save 12% with my discount code you see below 😉

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VaporFi VOX 50 Watt Box Mod