White Cloud

A visit to the BBB web page will only tell you whether a company receives complaints and if they were addressed. For a White Cloud review you need more, like customer reports on the way this e-cig performs and customer satisfaction.

White Cloud E CigarettesFor instance, what about vapor production, flavor, and throat hit? How long will a battery hold its charge? These are important questions to ask.

If reviews are dependable, White Cloud has improved its products a little every year to the point where their cigs produce a lot of vapor for a little e-cig.

You have to remember you are using a two-piece beginner’s item, not a vapor tube with a tank which would give more power and vapor. Still, expect great things from White Cloud batteries.

The whole package continues to get lighter and cheaper thanks to their continued popularity and new technology, but White Cloud goes one better. They offer multiple starter kits in several price brackets for light to heavy smokers.

One of the most enjoyable features in the accessories section is the squid charger. You might never have seen this innovative offering anywhere else, which uses a single USB port to charge multiple batteries at the same time: ingenious. It comes with a C2+ starter kit or can be purchased on its own.

Cirrus II Starter Kit

A simple C2 (C stands for Cirrus) starter kit is priced at $29.95: a little expensive, but not by much. This kit comes with 5 cartridges and only one battery, plus a USB charger: a cross between a standard starter kit and an express. The battery is white with grey and has an orange LED tip.

Apparently, White Cloud makes its own electronic products. If you think they are more expensive than the others, remember: most companies’ goods are made in China. You could switch them around, paint them a different color, and pass them off as any brand you like.

Flavors at White Cloud are fun to peruse and try. If you like espresso, find it here, plus strawberry and peach pit. Their selection of carry cases includes clam shell, animal print, leather, and cute single-cig cases. Animal skin styles include colors not usually associated with wildlife.