At Vuse E Cig the team is ready to lock and load: rechargeable batteries and cartridges, that is. Vuse is the e cig offshoot of R.J. Reynolds, manufacturers of cigarettes for a century. They are not slow at R.J. Reynolds: the wind is changing and they know it.

Rather than be left behind while technology overtakes them, RJR decided not only to become part of the e cig revolution but to stage a coup of their own from within. If customers are going to switch to electronic cigarettes, they might as well be at the forefront of smokeless smoking.

Vuse E Cig Review

That is why you will not see a disposable e cig anywhere in the Vuse line: it is part of their takeover strategy. The makers of Vuse refuse to participate in something so wasteful; such an ironic statement coming from manufacturers of cigarettes, which have laid waste to millions of lives and left countless stubs to leach into the environment at the same time.

Well, the company appears to be contrite now — in a limited way, at least. While their cigarettes continue to be manufactured and sold to nicotine addicts worldwide, Vuse E Cigs will not be contributing to smoker’s cough, emphysema, or lung cancer anymore. Better still, their batteries and cartridges do not have to go into landfill.

Different but the Same

All sarcasm aside, Vuse is different. Their whole approach to the market is unusual. It is only partly their attitude to disposable e cigs I am talking about. Vuse is sold only in tobacco and menthol, something NJOY and others have also done, but they also sell Vuse in brick-and-mortar stores only because the company is trying to keep kids away from cigarettes. Be fair: even tobacco companies draw the line somewhere.

Childhood addiction to smoking is an unfortunate side effect of the industry and is starting to take shape in the vaping industry as well. At Vuse, they will not stand for it; hence their refusal to sell anything more than accessories online. If you cannot look a store clerk in the eye when buying your e cigs, there is a good chance you are fifteen.

Smart Vapor Delivery

The company has also created a smart vapor delivery system. This means a computer creates algorithms to tell the heating element how hot to make your vapor. Customers do not have to understand the technology; they just have to enjoy its benefits. Instructions are passed around at a dizzying pace, ensuring consistent heating throughout your vaping experience until the battery dies or your cartridge runs out of juice, or both.


Only a Vuse cartridge will snap onto a Vuse battery: snap, not screw. You will notice this is one of many things that are different about Vuse E Cigs from other brands. There is no way to modify the situation with an adapter so that other cartridge brands attach to their batteries. This ensures that customers can only use the two flavors available: tobacco and menthol, rated 4.8% nicotine. That’s strong.

Most companies do not sell products containing this much nicotine. The usual top rate is 2.4% with just a few exceptions. Here is another way RJR plans to deter underage vaping: by staying away from flavors that emulate custard, hot chocolate, and fruit salad. Some critics claim that these flavors unrelated to smoking are credited with enticing many teenage converts to vaping, creating new nicotine addicts, and that is the side they are taking. (There is great opposition to this also, else fruity flavors would have been banned long ago).

Cartridges are also tamper proof, so if you like the system and batteries are good, stick with Vuse flavors. Don’t try to open cartridges and refill them with V2 Platinum, Halo Purity, or Villain Vapors e juice.

Battery Communication

How long will a battery last? You could have an entire day’s worth of vaping on a charge, possibly the same from a cartridge. It’s hard to say because every vaper is different. If you vape hard for several hours, your battery light will indicate you are nearing the end of a charge. This same light tells you if the cartridge is getting low. Later it will flash again to indicate your battery needs to be charged now or the cartridge must be replaced. What changes? It’s not the color but the rhythm of flashes that tells you what you need to know.

Paying the Price

But all of this innovation and technology must really cost you. I mean, a vapor company cannot afford to give this stuff away. Actually, the price of a kit (with an e cig and USB charger) is about $10: the same as many disposable e cigs. You are actually geared up to save money. Cartridges are replaced at outlets selling Vuse e cigs and so are the batteries. The only parts you can buy online are accessories, and only after creating an account.

Accessories include various charging devices (USB, wall, car charger), cases, and a few other little things that might make your vaping experience complete.

Customers Say

If your first experience of an e cig by a tobacco company was the Mark Ten, forget about it. Don’t let that dictate how you judge this sector of the vaping industry. Vuse is a hundred times tastier and vapor production is excellent.