Voda Vapor

Before you read this review, check out what I feel is the best brand (I’m not the only one who feels this way) by reading my V2 Cigs Review.

Voda Vapor is a new ecig vendor on the internet that promises high quality ecig flavors made in the USA. Their flavors are claimed to be quite authentic and decent in nature. The main target market for the vendor is advanced ecig users that use advanced ecigs to get the best taste and vapor delivery. Their flavors are bottled in different quantities and are priced accordingly to meet the demands of the users.

The Voda Vapor shop also lists tons of ecig accessories that include spare parts such as batteries, cartomizers, drip tips and other goodies to help you enhance your experience. You can also find ecig starter kits from brands like eGo, JoyeTech and Kanger to get started if you don’t have an ecig that supports their flavors.

You will also find tons of reviews and customer testimonials that detail how the flavors taste and how hard they hit your throat. If you are in doubt of the quality of flavors and their taste, be sure to check out hundreds of reviews posted by regular users of this ecig vendor.

Voda Vapor is really worth checking out simply because it has some of the most unique flavors out there.

Website: http://www.vodavapor.com/