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When you see the home page for Viva La Vape for the first time, I defy you not to think of Cuban revolutionaries; of small, armed groups trying to win back power for the people by force. It’s like a coup d’etat for the vaping public. What are they defending themselves against?

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In this case, the coup aims to overtake smoking, replacing it with vaporizing and vaping (that is heating aromatherapy oils, herbs, or e-liquids without burning them). Vaporizers are used to heat dry plant materials, waxes, oils, and concentrates to temperatures of more than 400F so that the moisture from them becomes an aromatic vapor.

Because combustion is not involved, this is considered a safe alternative to smoking, at least by the people who make and use vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. As you will see in this Viva La Vape review, the company sells both types of items to a growing public of online shoppers interested in the alternatives to smoking.

If anything, it could be that FDA controversy is acting as advertising for the vaporizing industry in spite of aims to cause consumers to think twice about this habit. Viva La Vape shakes a fist in the face of the FDA too, figuratively speaking.

By Viva La Vape

One brand you will see featured here is Viva La Vape itself. They make their own stylish examples of both e-cigs and vaporizers. Box vaporizers all take names in keeping with the company title and the theme of resistance.

Their vaporizers are called “Resistance,” “Revolt,” “Patriot,” and “Guerilla,” etc. The Guerilla costs $135.99 and is a digital model. The Resistance is a desktop mod, all metal, priced the same. It contains a cooling fan (so that vapor is not too hot when it reaches your lungs), dual digital display, ceramic heating element, whip, and oil burner.

The digital portion controls heating. While some users are happy to select a temperature range, box mods with digital controls allow greater precision from low to high values. It is possible with some materials to obtain an ideal plume of vapor at less then 300F, while others require much higher temperatures.

Ceramic is considered one of the finest, cleanest elements for heating materials as it does not interfere with them in any way.

The e-cig devices listed here are also made by Viva La Vape. They carry the Ally and the Tasty Puff. This second device is an eGo e-cig costing $27.99. Viva La Vape sells e-liquids to go with them like Joosy Fruit, Mango, and Nilly Vanilla, all for $4.49 (bottle size not mentioned). These contain 100% natural ingredients, USP-grade nicotine, and are USA-made.

More Vaporizers

Viva La Vape sells vaporizers of all kinds: portable, forced-air, and hands-free mods for people who like a solid, mains-connected unit and those more partial to one they can carry around. The Eclipse is ergonomic and portable. A Stealth vape pen is designed for discretion.

Some vaporizers are fitted with balloons or “bags” into which the air is forced. The user does not have to work hard at inhaling his vapor: he just breathes the contents of his bag. Other models require consumers to really puff at the vapor.

DaVinci Models: Popular and Classy

Apart from selling their house designs, Viva La Vape has chosen to become an official Davinci distributor. Buy the Ascent personal vaporizer here. It costs $249 and is in high demand. Colors are black, wood, and Gator. Stock could be an issue. This is a portable mod, very sleek for the professional consumer with an image to maintain. Not only is it small and sophisticated looking, but this vaporizer could be mistaken for a cell phone. This makes it discrete as well.

Accessories for All Your Vaporizer Needs

With the exception of herbal materials and essential oils, this is a full-service vaporizer shop. All of your necessary accessories are carried here including mouthpieces, connectors, containers, and screens. Usually, when you buy a device, it comes with the parts you need for the time being plus some spare screens.

Vaporizers can get through screens quickly unless they are made from ceramic that you just clean over and over. Mesh screens can last for a little while, but in the interests of cleanliness and to get the best out of a machine, they should be changed out once in a while. Cleaning your machine regularly will prevent malfunction, overheating, and ensure the flavor of your essential oils or herbs remains pure.

The Viva La Vape Website

This is an easy website to use. It shows the items you recently viewed, like a bookmark for your convenience. Headings are logical and lead you directly to the items you need to find. You can shop by category or go according to prices. Though the box vaporizers mentioned above cost over $100, Viva La Vape also carries mods under $75.

Finding both types of vaporizer devices in one place is very handy, though the emphasis here is on herbal vaping. This cross-over happens frequently showing how similar one activity is to the other. Their principles are much the same.