Virgin Vapor

For the individual unsure about whether to try vaping, wondering if it is marginal for good reason, what could be more convincing than pictures of stars vaping? The Virgin Vapor website posts pictures from a recent event where some C-list stars are featured with vaping gear.

It’s funny how this kind of thing can influence a consumer, but the public is probably more likely to make a judgment based on what famous people do than on what teachers, pastors, and world leaders do or say. But Virgin Vapor does not really need a gimmick: their vapor liquid has won awards. They are strict about quality. Their reputation domestically and internationally is great. More important than celebrity advocates is their recipe for clean flavors.

VirginVapor.comClean Virgin Vapor Review

Virgin Vapor uses USDA certified organic flavorings made from natural sources to make their e-liquids. If you want juices made from flavors not suspended in organic ethyl alcohol you have to check out their Absolute line. Otherwise, it’s all organic for you at a price which is surprisingly low: just $11.50 per bottle.

Virgin Vapor makes their own liquid which, by implication, tells you that some companies order liquid from other firms the smack their own label onto it. You probably knew that already, but that isn’t happening here.

Virgin Vapor organic juices contain only vegetable glycerin (no propylene glycol) and, besides nicotine and flavoring, also distilled water, presumably to thin them out somewhat. You can ask for USP PG but they exclusively use glass. There are only so many unnatural requests the people at Virgin Vapor will tolerate and plastic is going too far. They don’t even use artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. It’s like another country here.

Virgin Vapor also makes a statement about why they use US-sourced ingredients and make their e-liquid rather than outsourcing this task. The owners are not satisfied that Chinese juice factories are carefully controlled and regulated which is ironic because that goes for American juice too. Virgin Vapor is likely to be among companies that embrace upcoming FDA regulations.

Choices from Breakfast to Bed Time

Selecting one flavor is tough when there are many choices, and Virgin Vapor makes lots of e-liquid varieties. They add more regularly too. Do yourself a favor: pick a filter. Choose Breakfast, Coffee, Tobacco, or Menthol: there are loads of them.

Using this method you will arrive at a breakfast of Banana Nut Muffin or a rich drink like Kona Coffee Milkshake. You will wind up with Crème Caramel, Bella Amaretto, Swiss Almond, or Thrilla Vanilla Tobacco for mid-morning. Select Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich (lunch) and Double Espresso (mid afternoon). Try Death by Chocolate or a Chocolate Raspberry Souffle for after dinner or before supper if you live by the adage: “vape dessert first.”

Virgin Vapor Sell Pretty Hardware

I get the impression that Virgin Vapor is run by a woman or women. It’s just a hunch, but if I am right their batteries give it away (okay, and “Virgin” was a clue too, though I thought that referred to their organic ingredients). Their batteries are printed with flowers, dragons, block prints, and are foil embossed. They carry “Hard Candy” (bright metallic colors), leather, plus leather-and-fur designs. Each one costs $16.99. These are exquisite items and would make wonderful gifts.

A Bling Starter Kit for $44.50 comes with two 1100-mAh shiny batteries, 2 Red Vision eGo cartomizers, a USB cord, wall plug, and 4mls of e-liquid. This is a good deal. Men: buy this for your wives and sisters. They do not have to settle for slim mini cigs if they want something pretty.

Cartomizers in their catalogue are branded items like the Kanger Protank and Kanger Evod, Vivi Nova, and Boge. The list does not extend to advanced electronics or mods. VV is addressing an audience that likes simple vaping to be simple.

Affiliate Marketing

Virgin Vapor insists that their conversion rates are high. Do they mean high compared to other vaping companies or in general? E cig and e-liquid company conversion rates are not electrifying, but some brands at least cause a bit of turbulence in the air. Affiliates earn 12.5% for all 1st tier sales. They have access to banners so as to promote VV on their personal websites. Affiliates are paid by Paypal or cheque. Their commission is low, but the possibilities (thanks to global sales and a huge menu) are considerable.

Where Can You Buy Virgin Vapor

Virgin Vapor is based in Lower Lake, California. They invite emails, letters, and host a Facebook site too. There are wholesale options if you want to become a distributor. I don’t see a phone number, so presumably this is not preferred mode of contact. This is typical of a small company. They simply don’t have enough hands to answer phones.

As for retailers who already carry their juice, these are located globally. Apart from Philadelphia, Hawaii, California, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, and Colorado (probably most of the 50 states, actually), Italian and Spanish shops are among those selling Virgin Vapor to their e cig customers. If you decide to try them you will share something in common with several American actors and vapers in foreign countries.