Viper Vape

The Viper Vape shop, based in Los Angeles, receives great ratings. They carry Clever Vape, Caterpillar, 4 Seasonz Elixir, and lots of other juices. Viper Vape has batteries, tanks, and rebuildable atomizers.

Viper Vape Review

As a customer I would wonder if wandering in wearing jeans and running shoes would break their dress code. There are no prices on some goods: if I have to ask, can I afford them? That made me nervous. Should I bother investigating or just ignore the site completely, knowing it is out of my price range?

Then I looked further: it isn’t (just) a place for the rich and famous to come and blow daddy’s monthly stipend on vaping equipment. There are other things I could certainly afford, like eGo starters and tanks. I probably wouldn’t buy them here because I can get them cheaper somewhere else, but just so you know, regular people can go into the store and shop without selling a kidney first.

Your usual selection is all available. Buy a DCT 6ml tank, Kanger Protank (1, 2, or 3), or a mini Davide, which looks a lot like the Protank but isn’t. Vape Affinity’s pretty, inexpensive tanks are here and so are those distinctive ones from Vivi Nova.

Mods include the Atmizoo Roller and Dingo. Rebuildable Atomizers (also known as RBAs) come from Aga, Agi, Igo, and Octopus. Sounds like the name of a musical act band.

Joyetech items include the eVic, eGo C Twist, a regular Twist, and a fantastic rhinestone eGo Twist. That’s one posh looking piece of hardware, the kind of thing to give mom for Mother’s Day. Don’t say you haven’t been reminded and you still have a few months to go from the time of this writing.

Viper Vape sells five flavors of Five Pawns 30ml bottles, such as Absolute Pin and Queenside. There are seven 15ml bottles of Caterpillar, all of them named for Alice in Wonderland characters. Clever Vape sells 4 varieties here.

What about online sales?

Nope: Viper Vape does not have a sales page as yet. They can still sell you stuff if you email them or give them a call, but their system is not set up for internet retailing. You will want to go inside the store anyway since employees take such pains to make you feel like you are the only vaper in the world. Someone sits with you over the equipment and juice until you know what to take home.