Victory Ecigs

If a website depicts the sort of audience a company is aiming for, Victory E Cig is clearly after a young audience of party-goers, maybe in their early to late twenties. Mostly they are beautiful, skinny women, perhaps smoking so they won’t eat. They like to dress up in tight dresses, look good, and have a great time.

There is a hint of something slightly irresponsible in the way models are shown drinking, dancing and vaping at the same time. Victory seems to be saying that vaping is about fun when many other companies couch their advertising in terms of medical and environmental responsibility.

Victory E Cigs WebsiteVaping Realism

Maybe this is just more realistic than other companies want to admit. Lots of those sweet and fruity flavors have got to be enticing, certainly more enticing than analogs. Would you try vaping even if cigarettes never interested you?

Why not, if it means being part of a crowd and the activity seems to be harmless? The verdict on that claim is still out, but it is certainly tastier to vape than it is to smoke.

What the advertising could potentially do, however, is alienate the older generation of forty- and fifty-something smokers who are keen to give up analogs after years of smoking. Mind you, they have lots of brands to choose from that are marketed very differently.

Victory E Cig Review

At least Victory does pose a 90-day quit smoking challenge. Are you ready to make a change? Join other Americans and start life again without cigarettes. One way to begin is by purchasing a starter kit, and there are several to select from.

Victory Starter Kits

The $99.99 Mega E Cigarette Starter Kit is probably the best package in terms of value for money. It comes with three chargers: a USB, wall adaptor, and car adaptor. You probably need them all if you used to smoke in your car and at home.

The lanyard isn’t necessary but is handy while the case will certainly help you remain organized and tidy. A Mega package comes with two batteries and 15 cartomizers. The reason I hone in on this one is the second battery, which is not included with any other kit.

Even the Full E Cig Kit, costing $59.99, contains just one. I think most vapers would agree: get rid of the car adaptor and lanyard and add a second battery to the USB and wall chargers. Five cartomizers are included: tobacco or menthol. Although the price is little more than half that of the Mega Kit, I would say it is less than half as useful without battery number two and maybe another package of cartomizers.

There are two promotional kits for Valentine’s Day at the time of this writing: one with fruit cartomizers, one with chocolate, vanilla, and coffee. These kits are better value than the one above (they are versions of the Full Kit) because they contain more cartomizers and cost slightly less.


Victory offers a total of 8 flavors. Five-packs of cartridges for the 6 gourmet and fruit varieties only come in 1.6% nicotine. Menthol and Tobacco are offered at more levels, but that is a fairly poor deal for individuals wanting a stronger or weaker hit.

As for the price, it is the standard $14.95 for a 5-pack, discounted if you arrange to receive automatic monthly shipments.