Customers are pleased with their VGO E Cig. It provides enough power to help them progress to longer vaping times, but devices are not hard to use for intermediate vapers either. Beginners will catch on in a hurry with the mini, for instance, even if they skip the cigalike stage.

VGO Crystal Mini VGO2

The VGO Crystal Mini is only slightly more powerful than an extra-large battery on a V2 Cig at 400mAh. You could say it would be more fun to buy the V2 and choose a manual version, but it would still only give you the power and vapor of a beginners’ e cig. This VGO e cig review will demonstrate that you are not using the same sort of technology anymore.

VGO uses tanks, each Crystal Mini to the capacity of 1.6ml. They give you more puffs per refill and last about 10 times each. The vapor you create from this mini eGo is far superior to that from a cigalike too.

The Crystal Mini VGO kit contains 2 batteries, 2 crystal tanks, a USB, lanyard, and box, but no liquid. If you see it priced anything about $60, you are paying too much.


A kit for the VGO-T contains two batteries of 650mAh, so you are graduating to more power, more vapor, and longer charges per battery. These should last a day. The kit also contains a USB charger, wall charger, two atomizers, and five blank cartridges.

Those replaceable atomizers are essential to the longevity of your kit and another reason the T is superior to a Crystal Mini. By replacing atomizers you do not have to replace the whole tank, and with a new atomizer you might find that an underperforming cig returns to full power.

Batteries for this item take two hours to charge and can be recharged up to 300 times. Expect to puff about 300 times per charge.