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By Rebecca Diaz

Vapor Zone Batteries

Batteries are available in many colors.

VaporZone is the latest brand to be unleashed from the electronic cigarette powerhouse International Vapor Group. This brand goes even further into technology, and is creating some of the most technologically advanced e-cigarette models to date.

The top things about this brand are the attention to detail in everything, the custom blendable liquids, the comprehensive selection, and above all the excellent prices across the board. To put it simply, VaporZone is a force to be reckoned with.

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This brand was just launched, but I’m pretty certain they are going to be making waves really fast. VaporZone was made to appeal especially to advanced vaping geeks, but they really make something for every e-smoker out there; beginners and seasoned pros alike! They put great quality into everything, and they offer 6 starter kits that cover just about every need around.

VaporZone Logo

The thing with International Vapor Group (IVG) is, is that they’ve been around a long time and they know what they are doing in this industry. They’re the makers behind the uber popular South Beach Smoke, EverSmoke, and up-and-comer NutriCigs. They know e-cig technology and innovation, and seeing that many users were turning towards the very advanced vaporizer models, they set forth to create the best.

To say I am impressed would be an understatement! So, I am going to begin this review with a look at what really makes VaporZone stand out. Then I will go into detail on each of their awesome starter kits, which will give you a deeper look at what they’re all about.

Extraordinary E-Liquids

With high-performing e-cig vaporizers come the ability to enjoy flavors and vapor at whole new levels. VaporZone has designed their e-liquid to be the bomb, and the resulting vapor and flavor are sensational.

VaporZone makes the very finest e-liquids available. They aren’t paying me to say that either!

They manufacture only in the USA, under ridiculously strict conditions; you know- FDA-registered facility, USP-Grade Kosher liquid base, Malaysian-palm sourced glycerin to avoid peanut allergies, all formulas are registered with the FDA for assurance and quality standards. All products come with lot numbers, so everything can be traced for quality/ purity.

VaporZone E Cig Liquid

And aside from all the quality measures, VaporZone offers something else with their e-liquids no one else is doing: the ability to blend flavors however you like.

Seriously. You want chocolate covered strawberries with a splash of vanilla? Citrus menthol? Hazelnut latte with whipped crème on top? Cuban rum cocktails? You can get as adventurous as you like, and come up with whatever kind of flavors you want, without being stuck with only the flavors they come up with.

VaporZone offers 50 single flavors, and they can be blended in a thousands (yes, literally) different ways. Say goodbye to bland flavors and hello to having it your way every time!

VaporZone Starter Kits

6 starter kits that offer something for everyone. Novices and experts alike will have no problems navigating these products and finding something that fits what they’re looking for. More options please more people – simple as that.

VaporZone Express Starter Kit $29.99

This kit was made for novices who don’t want bad products with lame performance.

It’s what beginners are looking for with e-cigs, and they create a very satisfying experience.

Great vapor, battery life, and throat hit for 180mAh/ 280mAh type batteries, and 2-piece style e-cigarettes.

VaporZone Express Starter Kit

VaporZone Pro Starter Kit $54.99

The Pro is one of VaporZone’s top vaporizers.

It’s got superior power- 1000mAh, producing very large amounts of vapor, and a nice range of control options on it.

The sleek design, horsepower, and excellent functioning make the Pro a very affordable vaporizer!

VaporZone Pro

VaporZone Air Starter Kit $49.99

The Air gets you vaping with a moderate amount of power, and it’s a great vaporizer for those looking to start using vaporizers over standard e-cigarettes. This model is compact, simple to use and well powered; versatile and ideal for just about any situation.

The VaporZone Jet has amazing performance and has very high capacity. It has awesome features like a battery meter, digital screen, and puff counter. Having great power at 650mAh, and the ability to customize this model, for those looking for intense satisfaction and a personalized experience, the Jet will do just the trick.

VaporZone Pulse Starter Kit $119.99

The Pulse doubles up on the products to give a starter kit that offers additional versatility and options, plus a whole lotta power. The Pulse is a pretty advanced machine, and it works with this snazzy cordless circular charger, allowing it to charge on display.

Vapor Zone Pulse

VaporZone Rebel Starter Kit $179.99

Attention all vapor aficionados, experts, and pros. The Rebel was made for you. Vaporizers do not get more advanced than this. The Rebel was made to fill a void in the market; there is nothing more powerful when it comes to e-cigarettes, and the satisfaction of this beauty is really above everything.

The capacity for vapor production, throat hit, and flavor abilities are magnificent. When using the Rebel, you can control lots of the features, and customizing with commercially available tanks and cartomizers works out well. This really knocked my socks off- I was wildly impressed with this model, and will definitely vouch for it’s capabilities. Once you try it, any other models will be difficult to use. It’s that good.

VaporZone Rebel Starter Kit

VaporZone does it all. They exclude no one, and give options for every type of e-smoker; beginners to experts. Plus the products are exemplary in the market; no cheap junk here. Top of the line quality, exceptional performance, and really great information. I’d recommend VaporZone all the way.

There aren’t any coupons for products, but you can save 12% automatically through this link.  (On everything other than e-liquids).

Here’s a video by the company on one of their starter kits, the Pro:

Here’s the basic e-cig kit, The Express Kit:

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