Electronic cigarettes are not that widespread across Canada as they are in Europe and the United States. You can buy products over the counter at convenience stores, but there are few online retailers within the country by comparison with their southern neighbors.

Does this make them any less popular?

Probably not: pharmacies sell electronic cigarettes next to quit-smoking devices, though not specifically for that purpose. They are not allowed to do that yet.

VaporMateVaporMate Review

VaporMate comes from Ontario and sells products from Biansi, BluVaper, Kanger, Innokin, and Smok. Their lineup is the usual: kits, atomizers, cartomizers, coil, etc. Whatever you need to fix an atomizer or replace a tube is here. They carry RBAs and parts. The setup is simple and professional.

Advanced Starter Kits

From BluVaper alone there are 4 starter kits, all Variable Voltage: the Evod, T35, CE5, and T2. The price of each falls into a small range $54.95 to $58.95, so you are not paying much for a kit by this company.

A lot of inexperienced consumers will be drawn by the price, but the other brands have stronger reputations. Consumers might be better off sticking with models that are widely vouched for by real people.

Where to Find Vaping News

If you wonder what is new in the vaping world for Canadians, visit VaporMate. They keep up with all the latest opinions, legal debates, and cultural happenings regarding this controversial product.

Liquid by Flavour Crafters

Juice at VaporMate is expensive: 10mls for $8.95. Then again, everything has the potential to be more expensive in Canada than the U.S. as there is less competition and buying power is not as great. Flavors include Navy Cut and Hegewood Light tobacco, Banana Cream, Root Bear, and Coconut Rum Balls. If you want to know more about a flavor before dropping $8.95 plus shipping, it appears they understand.

Below each flavor is an unusual chart. I have seen similar visual devices, but nothing quite like this one. Bars indicate where a flavor stands between sweet and sour, medium or light and strong flavor, artificial and authentic, odorless and aromatic, and whether or not a flavor gives off an aftertaste.

Recycling Batteries with VaporMate

There are no gimmicks at VaporMate. The company just wants people to be responsible, and Canadians generally are. They want to recycle but sometimes feel as though they lack the resources. VaporMate encourages battery recycling wherever individuals possess facilities, and there are many of them. If your city does not have a battery recycling facility, send batteries to VaporMate and they will look after disposal.