VaporFi needs little introduction if you are familiar with the former powerhouse brand named VaporZone. This company was inspired by one of the leaders of the vapor cigarette industry, International Vapor Group, who also created the Eversmoke Brand, as well as South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes.

They clearly saw where this industry was headed with mini cig (cigalike) users looking for a more powerful device with an added DIY element, and so this brand focuses on more powerful eGo style batteries, tank systems and custom vaping liquids.

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They are my top pick for the best electronic cigarette brand AND e-liquids of 2014!


One Stop Shop

Whatever you are looking for in the world of vaping, VaporFi has you covered.

vaporfi.comLooking for a basic starter electronic cigarette kit to see if this is even something for you? Look no further than the Express Kit.

You can get this with standard pre-filled cartridges, which are essentially the flavor, such as menthol, or tobacco, as well as a couple other cool flavors, such as chocolate or vanilla. This option will be very low maintenance – essentially charge it, put the cartridge on and go.

Though if you want more options, they have you covered here as well. You can get refillable cartridges, and add your own e-juice; and now you enter the world of VaporFi’s flavors, where you literally have thousands, if not tens of thousands of different flavor combinations to choose from, most likely every flavor you can imagine.

After that, they also have their mini-clearomizers, essentially mini-tanks, if you’re familiar with those. These are super cool, as you can see through the clearomizer, and know how much e-liquid is left, so you know exactly when to refill it.

eGo Style e-Cigs and Tank Systems

If you’re looking for a more powerful device, or an advanced vaporizer with variable voltage, VaporFi has this area expertly covered, with precision!

You can select from the Air, a couple versions of the Pro, The Pulse and The Rebel, each of these hits on every angle of more powerful vaporizers, from one that fits in the palm of your hand, up to one that has all sorts of features to select from.

Vaporfi Starter Kits: Still 5 Good Choices

Vaporfi sells more types of e cigs than any other e cig company. The Halo brand, Apollo Cigs, and even Volcano ECigs create options, but there is not as much variety among their hardware as you find among the 5 choices of e cigs at Vaporfi. You will discover the Express, three types of Pro packages, Air, Pulse, and Rebel e cigs. Their Jet e cig is still around but is not sold as a starter kit anymore. Its place was filled quickly by first a second then a third Pro starter kit.

VaporZone Express Starter KitThe Express

This is a $30 bundle featuring two batteries (180 mAh and 280 mAh), a USB charger, wall adapter, but not cartomizers. It works with pre-filled cartomizers or blank cartomizers one fills with e liquid.

While this missing juice seems strange when every other company sells starter kits with cartomizers or blanks and bottles of e liquid, additional hardware makes up for that.

They cut out the one-battery, USB package and go straight for a two-battery, full charging-kit bundle. Five blank cartos cost 7.99 and pre-filled ones in boxes of 5 (or a 30-ml bottle of liquid) cost $14.99.

They have some nice educational videos on their YouTube channel, like this one for The Express:

The Air

Of all the Vaporfi starter kits, this is the one that intrigues me most. It is a compromise package featuring extra power while maintaining a low profile.

A similar kit sold at South Beach Smoke by the same name is cylindrical and steel-colored; this one comes in black or white and forms a thin ellipse. Enjoy 350 mAh of power: several hours, more than an Express, but not as much as a Pro. It’s a tiny device: worth having if you value discretion.

Pro E Cigs at Vaporfi

Choose a black, colored, or platinum Pro in a bundle for as little as $49.99. You’ve got two sizes of battery to choose from and two sizes of clearomizer. Actually, the Pro is compatible with several clearomizers by Vaporfi. This is slim, lovely, and possesses the power for a day of vaping or more.

Pulse Bundle

A Pulse e cig is that kind of device you set up on the table just so people ask you about it so you can talk about its merits. An LED screen reports the power of your battery. Besides the wireless, circular charger (which acts as a base as well), a $119.99 kit for the Pulse contains the usual chargers and two 650-mAh batteries.

VaporZone Rebel Starter KitBe a Rebel

The Rebel from Vaporfi costs $179.99, but that pays for a few things. You get a mod unit (a tube into which you insert a 600-mAh or 2200-mAh battery), two batteries, a 3-ml tank, and a charger. This is one of the most talked-about Vaporfi products because it is beautiful, powerful, and easy to use.

Some of the clients who have bought this item were stunned by how simple it was in spite of their limited vaping experience, but Vaporfi recommends this be purchased by experienced vapers. Several models of clearomizers and tanks are compatible with the Rebel.

Vaporfi Starter Kits Online and In Person

As Vapor Zone becomes Vaporfi, many new Vaporfi stores are about to open their doors. Their timing is excellent. Others will be busy exchanging signs but these new ones can enter the market at roughly the same time as their brand new name.

Vaporfi starter kits will be available at many of the new and old locations as well as online. The great thing is that Vaporfi is spreading outwards from Florida into the Carolinas, Wyoming, Missouri, and more. Call ahead to be sure a starter kit you have on your shopping list is at the store you will be visiting rather than walking away disappointed.


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