Riverside in California is the base for, an electronic cigarette company with a novel proposal: “don’t quit, just switch.” Even more surprising is the highly personal and moving explanation of how the company came into being and why.

The owner’s father died of lung cancer after many years of smoking. The son, having seen what his father went through, chose to switch to electronic cigarettes for his own health. Read what he says in the “about us” section, or better yet, send this section to someone who needs motivation to quit or switch. Review

The first thing you will notice is how many sorts of vapor juice are carried at There are more than 100. Try Brandy, Chocolate Chip Mint, Graham Cracker, or a tobacco such as Marlboro, Marlboro Menthol, or DeKang.

Your 10ml bottle will cost $4.95. In the specialty section for $6.95 they carry a tobacco/banana variety, Gummy Bears, and Oober-Goober, which has the flavor of Uber Ice Cream.

An interesting point is that nicotine levels are so varied. Starting at zero, they climb to just 3mg before reaching 6, then 11, 16, then 18, and finally jumping to 24mg and 36mg. I’m not sure if this is practical.

Only experienced vapors know if it is necessary to drop just two or three mg at a time when weaning. Still, a spread like this is better than uncomfortably big jumps provided by many other e cig companies.

Crossing Over

It would seem a natural transition from e cigs to vaporizers that use wax or dry herbs. Most companies sell one or the other with a few exceptions, being one of them. Their line includes Click-a-Toke for $19.95 and G5 Pen and Kit for $39.95.

They carry eGo twist kits with multiple battery sizes, a T-Rex starter priced $29.95, and kits for 510, K100, Variable Voltage, and Torpedo systems. Customers appear to be well covered by, at least when they are starting out.