Vapor X

Vapor X has not made room for itself on the top ten of e cigs just yet, but it might. The internet has lots to say about them, especially news about upcoming innovations like fingerprint locking and unlocking. They also claim to have overcome the usual leakage problem vapers face.


Right now, though, what can I tell you in a Vapor X review? For one thing, this is an eGo style e cig but not compatible with all eGo style parts. You might be confined to using only Vapor X tanks with their batteries, just so you know, though they use a 510 connection. Users have been doing their research as there is some uncertainty over this issue.


Buy Vapor X in gas stations and other places where kits and disposable e cigs are sold. They are inexpensive too. A consumer stated he got his eGo CE4 starter kit for $20, which makes it a very small investment and worth a try. For that money, you get the whole unit and a USB charger. Vapor X is also widely available online.

E-tailers sell disposables for $9.99 and state that they come in menthol and tobacco. They are white with color coding to tell you what flavor you have bought. Most listings show rebuildable models with specs for DIY maintenance and modification.


A $50 version is available at a wholesale website, meaning it would cost about $55 to $60 retail with one battery, a tank, and the two chargers. Before you cry out that this is overpriced, remember you are looking at an eGo model with more power than cigalikes.

A reason Vapor X is so affordable is that it is made in China, and overseas production brings prices way down. Distributors can make a good living selling this brand with its fashionable looks and multiple colors.