Vapor Train

Vapor Train started out early in 2013 in Los Angeles, Southern California, but this juice is starting to get people’s attention around the country. You can buy it online, although the company is not of much use in that department, except as a wholesaler. That’s what most small e liquid firms are doing: spending very little time online developing websites, using Facebook and other social media to do a lot of their advertising and customer service, and handing sales over to online or brick-and-mortar vape shops.

Vapor Train Juice

This Vapor Train review will look at the ten styles on the market so far. They are made with up to 2.4% nicotine, a huge ratio where craft juices are concerned. A 16ml bottle usually sells for around $12. The ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol is 60/40, so expect a lot of vapor: something like the steam cloud produced by a train engine.

Ten Choices

Every title bears some connection to trains, however thin. Screamin Steam, Polar Tracks, Peach Wheels, and Melon Express are three candy vapes. Go to OC Special or First Class for something creamy. You could call Choo Choo Crunch a breakfast-style e liquid. Try an Alaskan Pass for menthol and Locomotive Joe for coffee. Berry Trails is the only true fruit e liquid on this list.

Candy Juice

Screamin Steam blends sweet and tart candies into a combination that resembles an energy drink, so maybe “candy” is not really the right heading, but it doesn’t fit with cream or fruit either.

You will get a whiff of candy cane from Polar Tracks: peppermint and vanilla. Imagine you are riding on the Polar Express to the North Pole.

When you vape Peach Wheels, try not to think of peach rings: you won’t be able to stop yourself. The same is true of Melon Express, which is alive with candied melon.

Creamy Vaping Styles

In the first class compartment of a steam train (or any train), the guests have access to a bar filled with the best liqueurs, like fine Irish Cream. That’s the style of First Class e liquid. An OC Special combines orange and cream: could this be an orangesicle?

It’s amazing, but although e liquids are clear, you can honestly feel the weight of cream when excellent flavorings like these ones are among ingredients.

Three Soloists

Captain Crunch Berries was once popular with children at the breakfast table; maybe it still is. While children crunch, their moms and dads vape on Choo Choo Crunch, an authentic replica of the sugary cereal.

Berry Trails brings you nothing but berries, but which ones? You will have to see for yourself. A rich coffee awaits you with Locomotive Joe, not some weak brown dishwater.

Purchasing Vapor Train E Liquid

If you like the Napa Valley train rides that take you through wine country, or are a fan of trains at all, you will love the locomotive motif chugging over sun rays on every bottle of this e liquid. They are sold at Vapor Loft,, and several other fine vaping establishments.


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