Vapor Bank

With two stores in Evansville, Indiana, you could say Vapor Bank is doing better than many traditional banking institutions state wide. At the moment, an e cig business is possibly better than gold. But even if there wasn’t money to be made, vape retailers would know they were doing a good thing just helping people find an alternative to smoking. Here is a Vapor Bank review for anyone in the Evansville area or interested in shopping online.

VaporBank.comStop By in Person

The store is open from Monday to Sunday. On Friday nights they are open longer: until midnight. That gives me an uncomfortable feeling, as though on Fridays this place turns into a night club, but only people who want that sort of thing would be out at midnight buying e juice anyway. Their hours are excellent for shift workers. By the way, you might recognize the owner if he happens to be there because his family has been running liquor stores in Evansville since 1946.


There are 21 items here, many of which are the same thing in several colors like a 2-battery Kanger Evod for $62.99. The Boge Cowboy E Cigar with a charger, 1500-mAh rechargeable battery, and 2 to 2.4-ohm clearomizers cost $49.99. Pick up an Optimizer or Vision V-Keen Kit for about $25 with a single battery. Prices are decent.

RBA/RDA and Materials

Devices like the AGA-S, AGA-TD, and AGI are already fairly low-priced but still excellent products. It’s when you get into limited edition atomizer you can pay a hefty price. Vapor Bank carries clones, like the Striker by HCigar for $28.99, an Oddy Clone for $23.99, and a Tobeco version of the Cerberus for $34.99. Only one authentic device was listed but out of stock.

Mods, Mechanical and Electrical

The clones were back in this section too. I saw a Vanilla Cigreen Clone, Tree of Life (one each by Tobeco and HCigar), an HCigar Foggatti T22 Hybrid and Tank clone plus others.

Variable-watt items included a 30W Chipset clone for DIY box mod makers. They also had the DNA 20 by HCigar for $114.99. These employ DNA clones.

Vapor Bank’s price for an Innokin Cool Fire II seemed high at $79.99, but I looked again. This kit comes with an iClear 30B clearomizer and a beauty ring. Batteries are sold separately.

The Sigeleie Zmax body goes for $59.99. An Innokin MVP 2.0 with the iClear 30 is $74.99. Actually, this time the price really is too high. Generally, though, Vapor Bank lists fair prices.

Battery Replacements

Engraved, embossed, mini, and variable voltage batteries all feature on this page. They carry several JoyeTech options such as the eCab, 510, and eGo C. Choose brands like Vision or Kanger.

Drip Tips

This really big list features some interesting, unique items. Jade drip tips come in several colors: jade being the material, not necessarily the color. Stiletto, Calabash, and Bullet-shaped items are among other offerings.

Close Out

You might find a deal here and you might not. There were several pages one might wish to browse given enough leisure time, but during my quick visit nothing stood out as a true deal.


Here they had it all: chargers, cones, sleeves, cases, lanyards, and more. Vapor Bank is a real all-round vape store selling hardware, aesthetically pleasing specialty items, and rebuild/maintenance pieces.

E-Liquid: 6 Labels

Buy bottles by Vapor Bank (in two styles), Juicifer, Ninja, Halo, or Pink Spot. Three of their house juice flavors are Springerle Cookie, Cactus Breeze, and Pistachio Cream from a reasonable list. Each flavor comes in sizes 7 to 120 ml, $5.49 to $49.99. I was impressed with prices for house juice.

They also carry a High Density line containing 70% to 85% vegetable glycerin. These include Blue Pom, Vicious Vanilla, and Kiwi Strawberry. A 10-ml bottle sells for $7.99. Buy 30 ml of High Density e-liquid for $17.99.

Vapor Bank Summary

Overall, I would say the selection is impressive. Some of their kits were surprising, simply because I don’t often see a Cool Fire II kit that actually contains a clearomizer.

It was interesting to see two clones of the same model sold side by side. For those who don’t know, clones are not exactly identical to the real thing. Variations to airflow holes, engraving, materials, and other small features are the clues you look for and they can make a small or a big difference to performance and quality. I like that vapers are given the choice between two brands of clones so they can go conduct independent research.