Vapin In The Cape

Anyone feel like a trip to Florida? I read the name “Vapin in the Cape” and imagine myself on a boating holiday. In a sense, that’s just what it feels like to vaporize: like going on a vacation from the daily grind; relaxing with good juice, if the electronic cigarette works well and the juice really is good.

Vapin in the Cape sells Dekang juice that should automatically make your ears prick up. Some people think Dekang is the best, but maybe they haven’t tried high-priced stuff, probably because of, well, its price.

This brief review shows that Dekang is for people who vape on a budget, which amounts to most realistic vapers, actually. It is cheap stuff imported from China. Ginger’s e Juice is another brand for sale here, but Vapin in the Cape makes juice too. You can buy it in 10 or 30ml bottles. Sit down at the vape bar and try a few.

Vapin in the Cape carries a wide selection of T2 EVOD kits, Joye 510, Joye eGo, and eCab kits plus accessories. A Joye eRoll Kit is $64.99. Their chargers and cases are universal, so anyone should be able to use them. Other kits are for KR808 units.

The VapeOnly Mechanical Mod is available here for a low price of $39.99. Five Protank replacement heads are priced $9.99. Lanyards and batteries are also available.

The website is not very busy: you want a bit more information than you get. There is a gift registry if your birthday is coming up and you would rather just direct friends to Vapin in the Cape instead of writing out a list. They have a toll-free phone number, put up an email contact form, and run vape shops Monday to Saturday. It’s nice to see that some business owners take a day off.

Although Vapin in the Cape opened at the end of 2010 for online sales and their first store started up the following year, there aren’t a whole lot of online reviews. They are generally friendly reviews, indicating how much the people at Vapin in the Cape know about their products and how well they treat customers. Staff members are problem-solvers. Bring them your leaky tanks and problematic batteries to find out if there is some way to make them work before throwing them out in a huff.

In January, Vapin in the Cape opened at a second Florida location. Besides Cape Coral, they are now available in Kissimmee as well.