I almost gave up on the website for Vaperoo. It was not user-friendly and totally frustrated me. First of all, when it comes up, there aren’t any categories: just a picture of the wall in their shop which is painted graffiti style and quite lovely. There wasn’t any text as far as I could see until I finally noticed the one word “menu” on the top left.

Vaperoo.comPress the Button

Pressing this revealed a drop-down menu of categories. At last, I thought, before being asked to supply my birth date. Had I only been asked to do this once I would not have minded; in fact, having to select a year certainly weeds out any under-aged customers who can’t subtract and there’s no danger of my being underage. Unfortunately, I was asked almost every time I clicked on a new heading. This became depressing after a while.

From Terrible Website to Hefty Products

What kept me from throwing in the towel?

For one thing, I owed it to readers to supply a review of Vaperoo and was not going to let a simple matter of computer frustration and age-related depression get in my way. Secondly, I caught sight of beautiful products and wanted to see more. Vaperoo sells authentic mods, some of which you rarely see anywhere else they are so exclusive.

vaperoo modsMods at Vaperoo

I’m thinking particularly of the Nemesis Naval Brass by Atmomixani. The price tag is $205, but you will conveniently block that detail out if the Nemesis Naval Brass has been on your bucket list for a while. Act fast, though: these don’t hang around long.

Slo’ Jo Red Copper and Stainless Steel from Celtic Mods is a gorgeous creation, as is anything made from copper. That goes for the Stingray Red Copper LE as well. Their prices exceed $200.

A 4 Nine Mods by Tarsius Customs is relatively cheap in this company for $185 to $190. Check out a Provari, K100, and Innokin iTaste MVP while you’re in town, any of which is much more affordable than a 4 Nine. Feast your eyes on The Popular Mod by Kato and a Mortar V5 which will take you back into the upper figures again.

At Attention for Atomizers

Here you see the Colored Patriot by Innovape, an unusual atomizer since the Patriot isn’t usually colored. You can tell by the price ($90) that these are made to be exclusive. The Magma by Paradigm Mods is $115. Veritas by Faceless costs $120 while the Galaxy RDA by Surric Vapes costs $80. The EDZ Atty is offered here as well.


Here you discover the parts you hope to never have to replace. But being able to change out the old for the new enables one to get more use out of an expensive device before it finally dies (if it ever does, and there’s a good chance these mechanical mods will last for decades). These parts include wires, locking rings, adapters, top caps, and bottom switches specific to particular models. You will also find Cirrus Tanks at Vaperoo.

Drip Tips

There is some choice; a few expensive items. The Gaper Series by JMK Tips costs $23 to $29 while a Chime by Classic Fog is priced $25. Don’t lose these; replacing one with an acrylic Ming won’t be the same. Other tips include snakes and skulls.

E Liquids

Vaperoo does not sell these on the website but the shop carries Cuttwood and Jet Fuel. House juice is excellent and there are “happy hours” where the price is reduced. Adam Bomb, Carnegie Vapor, and Time Bomb juices will please your palate. Other brands are likely in stock as well.

Updated Store

Customers have not had consistently good experiences at Vaperoo. Satisfaction used to depend on the sex of a patron and how attractive she was. Employees used to have an attitude. It’s not uncommon to find this. Vape shop associates are often there for the vapor, not to serve people, and they treat their job like an easy pay check.

Response to disturbing reviews referencing plenty of customer service problems (rudeness, being ignored, bad language from staff, etc.) has led to a complete overhaul. Since the early part of 2014, these changes have been felt by regulars who remember what the shop was like in 2013. They are pleased with the changes.

Apparently, the owner and his people will show customers how to rebuild a mod. They encourage vapor testing. The vibe is more relaxed now, which is a good sign.


Social media presents a unique opportunity to get to know the store without being there every day. Using updates from Facebook, for instance, customers know when sales are coming and remain abreast of new product releases or promotional events. Facebook is also a wonderful photo gallery.

If you haven’t been to the store but want to visit the area (San Diego) and drop by Vaperoo, familiarize yourself with staff faces and the layout before you go. You’ll see this is a bright shop and lounge featuring earthy tones (leather, wood flooring), but also blue and yellow paint for color and light. If you’re into interior design, it’s always fun to compare the décor at vape shops.