Vape NY

Customers who have been to a shop of any kind have the power to make or break it. Businesses pop up and fade away in a matter of months, which is true of e cig companies too. Competition is already so fierce you have to have something special to keep running.

Vape NY Review

Customers either love Vape NY or they hate it. This could be because they visited different outlets where staff, stock, and service were vastly different. With disparity like this (1 star versus 5 stars, back and forth, all down a page of ratings), you have to wonder what to make of Vape NY. It might be best to stick with their website and avoid the shop entirely.


At least, with online shopping, there is no concern about queues of people, but you cannot try vapor before you buy it. One guy wrote that he tried several before choosing any to purchase. He could have walked out without buying anything, but this was not the case.

Maybe he was just smooth and it was an all-girl staff. Perhaps they are always like that. His experience was that if the sparse shop was busy, you just had to wait because there are few employees on hand at one time. If it is quiet, you can chat with the staff for a while about e cigs and flavors.

Another truly glowing review indicated that the company helped with a product the consumer had bought without knowing anything about it. She was not even a customer of theirs but just passing by, looking for help. I think they made a convert out of her with their kindness and patience.

Juice from Vape NY is considered flavorful. Staff members are friendly and they know their stuff.


A few reviewers were disappointed with Vape NY, especially the prices they paid. They said it was an expensive shop, and no one needs to pay so much these days. There are many online options.

Some people wrote that they would only use this NY store if their shipment was delayed and they needed to have something, anything, to fill the gap. Another writer talked about up-sell and staff not understanding their products.