Vape Game

In Portland, Oregon, there is a store called Vape Game. It’s not a place to play video games with e cigs shooting vapor at aliens or anything like that. The team behind Vape Game urges customers: “don’t hate vapor, hate the flame.” Ignore your craving for cigarettes; better yet, replace that craving with vapor.

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Inside Vape Game 2 (their lounge), they have an HDTV and Xbox so customers can relax, sit back, and enjoy the atmosphere. It’s a very low-pressure environment.

Graffiti style décor gives the impression that this could be anywhere and you could be anyone: not someone posh who can afford high-end mods (although Vape Game carries some of them) but a regular person. Vape Game 2 is located at Multnomah Village in Portland.

The Importance of People

Staff is so helpful they blow customers away with their welcome and support. These people know how to use the gear they are selling folks so they explain details clearly to the uninitiated. That goes for everything they sell: tanks, clearomizers, chargers, mods, and starter kits. They opened in 2013 but show the professionalism of business people who have experience in some other customer service business.

The Vibe

Customers repeatedly talk about the vibe; the fact that they do not get pressured to buy anything and that they are guided towards the right sorts of products for their level of vaping knowledge.

Vape Game 1

There is a Springfield location as well. Between them, these two Vape Game locations provide clients with choices they cannot find anywhere else in the area or not without considerable difficulty. In spite of that, Vape Game charges a fair price for their gear: e-juice (including a house brand), rebuildable atomizers, and the rest.

Convenient Hours; Open Late

Both shops are open seven days: 10 to 9 Monday to Saturday and 12 to 7 in Portland on Sundays (11 to 9 in Springfield). Their Springfield location also features funky, youthful décor and a light, open atmosphere that is just the right size, but it’s not a vapor lounge. You might refer to it as their “Express” location since that’s the way it is referred to on their website. With online shopping, it’s easier than ever to shop for vaping devices in Portland, even if you don’t live there.

Brands and Models at Vape Game

Customers are going to find authentic and popular brands they have come to rely on for quality manufacture. They include Kanger and JoyeTech, for example, but that’s just the start. Vape Game has IGO atomizers, K100 Mods in several colors, the Stillaire Mod, Sony batteries, and Kanthal wire.

View an extensive lineup of e-liquids. Choose from various colors of Kanger Evod Twist batteries. They even carry a Kanger Evod starter kit which is suitable for vapers who have just begun. An Evod kit will suit a new vaper if she receives guidance from the guys at the store first.

Brand Names or Brick and Mortar

That’s the difference between a brand like V2 making cigalikes and selling them to completely new vapers and a store such as Vape Game which is there to support customers all the way. When you have support, you can confidently try something bigger than you would have ever imagined without even trying a mini cig in the first place.

Selection of E Cig Products

You have to remember when you visit a brick-and-mortar store that unless it is affiliated with VaporFi, Volcano, or Green Smoke, etc., product selection usually starts with eGos and goes up from there. It’s not somewhere to find realistic-looking e cigs such as the G6 or Magma.

There will also be products that make you wonder if you should vape at all, like this could be too difficult and expensive: mods. RBAs, RDAs, and mechanical mods are for advanced users and Vape Game carries several of them. Their selection is pretty good. Beginners: these are not for you. Don’t feel intimidated. In time you might want these, but Vape Game associates won’t pressure you.