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By Rebecca Diaz

V2 Cigs is an extremely versatile electronic cigarette brand, and our pick for the best e-cig in the industry. If you have any knowledge about the electronic cigarette industry, you know exactly what I am talking about.

The V2 branded cigarettes are not only performance oriented and extremely light weight to carry, they are also backed by propriety battery technology to make them last longer and produce more vapor.

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Realistic – the most realistic vapor cigarette I have ever tried – ESPECIALLY for Marlboro Red flavor (try their RED flavor).

Great Taste – their e-liquids taste great, and are available in cartridges, as well as in e-juice form, for refilling your own.

Something For Everyone – whether you’re brand new, or want something advanced, they have something for you, and anyone in between. (If you’re new, check out their Classic Kit, with a disposable and a rechargeable battery. If you’re looking for something  more advanced, they have mini clearomizers, upgraded EX batteries, as well as a new 3-in-1 vape pen for e-liquid, dry herb and wax).

Competitive Pricing – they always uphold one of the best price points in the industry.

Buy Online – for adults 18+, you may buy online and have these shipped to your door!

Website: http://www.v2cigs.com


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V2 Cigs offer various starter kits that should fit in the needs of any kind of smoker.

V2 starter kitsIf you consider yourself a heavy smoker, there is a kit that comes with three batteries of your choice. If you are a beginner, you can start off with their basic kit which includes all the things you need to test the thing out or keep it with you for further use.

The best thing about V2 cigs is not its design but the technology it uses to power that design. This two piece e-cig comes with one of the best mini batteries we have ever come across.

V2 cigs has somehow upgraded the normal lithium ion technology to fit in such a small and light weight size while maintaining and actually upgrading the power of the battery.

These batteries actually last a lot longer than your typical ecig battery from some other brand. We have no idea what the science is behind this battery but we are glad that we have found a small and convenient battery that lasts this long and produces quality vapor.

The vapor quality is great because of the advanced battery we just talked about. As far as the flavors are concerned, the V2 cigs flavors feel authentic as soon as you load them unto your battery and atomizer. We have come across many brands who market different flavors but not many of them produce flavors that meet the expectations of the customer. If you love experimenting with flavors, V2 Cigs is the best e cigarette brand to use.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - So Satisfying Won't Believe It's Not Smoke!
V2 Cigs strongly believes in their business mission, which is to provide quality at an affordable price. For newcomers, V2 Cigs offer lifetime warranty on its batteries and 30 day money back guarantee on the device you purchase.

V2 Cigs is so sure about their product that they are even willing to give you back more bucks you spend on your product if you are not satisfied with the results. We really love and consider V2 Cigs one of the top class brands that we usually like to keep around with us.

The Ever-Expanding V2 Cigs Brand

V2 started with e cigs, but they have not stopped with this revolutionary vaping device. Now V2 Cigs is also known for their 3-in-1 pen vaporizer to be used with herbs, essential oils, and e liquid. Their e cig product line also continues to expand and change.

V2 Cigs Began with Starter Kits

They are probably best known for their starter kits, and V2 Cigs continues to offer a heady assortment. The one main difference between the old and new list of sets is that their starter kits can now be upgraded to contain EX-series batteries and cartomizers, plus chargers compatible with EX products.

Starter kits are also known as “sets” or “bundles” in which at least the basic necessities of vaping are included. They are a charger, rechargeable battery, and cartomizers. V2 Cig’s smallest version, a Beginners Kit, costs $36.27 and comes with 6 cartomizers and a disposable as opposed to the usual 2 refills and just the USB and battery. Although other kits are priced around $15 to $22, obviously the additional money pays for 4 more cartomizers and a one-time e cig. This is a novel variation on a common theme.

The next kit is The Standard Kit, and there are 3 options for the standard kit, costing between $60-$100. This comes with 2 batteries, 10 cartridges, USB and wall charger, and the more expensive versions have either the portable charging case (The Standard Plus), or mini-clearomizers and e-liquid for refilling (Standard E-Liquid Kit).

Standard Kit

V2 Cigs Standard Kit


Standard Plus Kit

Standard Plus Kit

The most expensive of their starter sets is The Ultimate Kit for $155.62, which contains three batteries, 25 cartomizers, a car charger, wall adapter, USB charger, carry case, lanyard, a power cig, and an extra-large portable charging case.


V2 Ultimate Kit

V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit

As you can see, there is a significant difference in the makeup of these kits and their prices (several others slowly add more and more items to the set). What it means to buy a “starter” set is different from one consumer to the next.

In most cases, one can choose the flavor and nicotine level of cartomizers from 10 flavors if you are buying the standard kit, but not with the EX series upgrade. Only tobacco and menthol flavors — totaling 6 — are available in the larger size. Standard e cig flavors also include two fruits and two gourmet styles. With an e liquid kit, however, one selects from 12 flavors which include the addition of cola and grape e juice.

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Limited Edition Flavors Often Released

V2 Cigs regularly adds new e liquid flavors to their catalogue for a limited time. Their chocolate-mint cartomizers are gone now, replaced by Pina Colada, Strawberry Desire (chocolate-strawberry), and Lemon-Berry (on pre-order). These flavors cost the same as regular cartomizers: $10.33. They are not available in kits but can be purchased as refills when you are replenishing stock.

V2 also carries 6 styles of bottled e liquid by Zig Zag: clove, mango, traditional, menthol, Dragonberry, and Island Breeze. Their affiliation with Zig Zag has been profitable for vapers who wanted more choice of tobacco and menthol e cig flavors and a few other exotic extras from this historic tobacco company.

A further option is to create your own flavor and order 100 pre-filled cartomizers in that style. If you get into e liquids, V2 Platinum E Liquid comes in 25-ml and 50-ml bottles.

If you plan to be a long-term vaper, you will probably choose e liquid and blank tanks in short order. Blank cartomizers are cheaper than pre-filled ones and can be re-used several times before being disposed of. V2 Cigs also sells clearomizers which last even longer.

Disposable Choice

Disposable e cigs are probably the biggest-selling product style in this industry, outselling starter kits because they are convenient, inexpensive, and everywhere. V2 Cigs disposables are sold online in packages of 5 for $31.08 (roughly $6.22 each) or 10 for $57.03 (about $5.70 each). Disposables offer up to 400 puffs each, or there are cheaper Zig Zag 200 puff disposables. If it seems stingy not offering one at a time, you might not have noticed singles sold at your local corner store. Take another look.

V2 Pro CollectionVaporizers from V2 Cigs

The Pro Series 3-in-1 has caused much excitement among loyal customers and more recent converts to the V2 line. This device resembles a real pen, but could also be mistaken for an eGo e cig. Small and light, it has the power of high-tech design giving vapers the choice to vape most materials discretely.

Its magnetic connection makes assembly easy. Series 3 devices adjust their temperature automatically according to the cartridge fitted onto the battery. Series 7 offers temperature control and Series 9 will be a variable voltage device with a small display screen.

As an e cig alone this is an expensive choice, although it produces a lot of vapor. As a 3-in-1 vaping pen the price is excellent: just over $100 with two tanks, a battery unit, and a charger. Essential oil tanks will be coming out soon and cost about $25, bringing your total to $125: about right for a high-performance vape pen that is impressing customers.

V2 Pro vaporizers - Check Your Ego
Where to buy V2 Cigs

One reason V2 is so popular and successful is that their products are all over the country. Check their online, interactive map for locations near you and discover a shop within walking distance. Not only are actual shops and addresses listed, but listings also indicate which types of stock the company should have on hand.

You will want to phone ahead of time, naturally, to ensure they have not sold out of the products you want, but it is a good bet that someone in your town carries at least a disposable V2 in menthol or tobacco, possibly a starter kit, and perhaps cartomizer replacements.

Another reason the company does so well is that their customer service team is very special. If you have a problem of any kind, they handle it speedily but with respect.

There are no V2 Cigs shops per se; no brick-and-mortar locations. They are huge online, however, through which medium the company has also made its way into countries around the world such as England. Theirs is often the leading e cig in any given market because of the high quality, excellent advertising, and non-stop renewal of image and products customers have come to expect. Don’t blink or you could miss whatever is next from V2 Cigs.

Official Website: http://v2cigs.com

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