Totally Wicked E Liquid

Totally Wicked is both an electronic cigarette store and that store’s brand of e liquid. From replacement coils to the TECC telescopic kit, they have products in all niches, from beginner to advanced e cigs. My plan is to focus on their juice with this review.

Totally Wicked E-LiquidsTotally Wicked categorizes its e liquids by color and strength. They sell herbal e liquid with no nicotine, Titan Fluid, Red Label, Patriot, and Original E Liquid. Some are really light in color. The range is 1 to 5: almost water to really dark.

Herbal juice is 100% organic and natural. Choose this one to vaporize not just for flavor, but also for the side effects an herb produces. For instance, some are energizing; others relax people. These pre-mixed juices come in varieties such as Basil and Vanilla, Clary Sage and Nutmeg, and Tempest Mint.

Titan Fluid is made in partnership with Joyetech. Bottles cost $6.99 per 10mls for 11, 18, or 36mg of nicotine. Flavors include Heavy Cigar, Virginia Tobacco, plus lots of fruits and drinks.

Besides the five categories of pre-mixed Totally Wicked E Liquids available, customers can also mix their own.

What I like about Totally Wicked is that it uses up a lot of internet space just teaching customers about vaping, liquids, what the various nicotine and milligram values mean, and so on. Visitors to the site can learn about vaping in general too.

They had a big sale on while I was viewing. I don’t understand the countdown clocks because when they reached zero the clocks counted back up. Still, the deals were fantastic and something is always on sale.

Totally Wicked e liquid stores are located in Bradenton, Tampa, and Sarasota, Florida. Their products are also sold in Wisconsin, Arkansas, New York, Philadelphia, and Nevada. That’s not the entire list. It’s great that the Totally Wicked brand is so wide spread and that you can buy their products over the internet as well.

On the other hand, I’m not impressed with the dark red décor of their vape lounges, which is a small point that does not reflect on the juice itself. Some employees were dressed smartly in matching colors serving at the vape bar: a nice touch.