Total Vape

I hate to rain on a vape shop owner’s day, but ratings are not looking so good for one Washington shop. Almost every Total Vape review refers to some serious negative points, with the exception of a few customers who had awesome experiences. It looks like this shop in Lakewood is new to the scene, so it is early enough that they can recover ground, and they will need to unless they wish to sell something no one else carries within a 5-km radius.

Fierce Vaping Competition

The area they are in is like Southern California for vape shops: there are 9 others within shouting distance from Total Vape. Many of those shops are earning excellent reviews or have been on their block for a long time and gained good reputations for all the things Total Vape appears to lack. Total Vape will have to step up their act if they plan to compete.

What’s the Problem?

The negative points that arose boiled down to just two main concerns: customer service and price. Prices are too high and customer service is terrible. Several customers complained that they were not treated very well and that this shop was more than a little overpriced, even compared to other brick-and-mortar vape shops.

If Total Vape could work on their customer service, a lot of customers might be willing to overlook a few dollars more for their mods and juices. The equation does not work the other way around, however.

On the Plus Side for Total Vape

A few ratings showed how extreme opinions can be, suggesting that some experiences have to do with the personality of the shopper as much as the employee. You know how it is: convince yourself an experience will be bad or good and you fulfill your own prophecy. That philosophy does not do enough to discount the bad press, but a few customers commented on how great the selection of products is.

They do not run a website, but they certainly stock high-end models like the Nimbus V4. Do they also sell Kamry, Ehpro, Innokin, etc.? Those are some brands you might expect, unless their high prices are attached to high-end authentic devices.

More Details

Total Vape, located on Federal Way, might be pricey and the staff might or might not be grumpy, but they are open when the others are closed. Visit them any day of the week, including 11 to 7 on Sundays. The only other way to pay a visit is to log onto Facebook, but you will not be impressed. If nothing else, they are open and also manage to keep a good level and variety of stock.

The Power of Facebook

Notice how much some companies rely on Facebook in place of a website. They work that site every day by posting comments to customers and running promotions every chance they get. Visitors hold virtual conversations with each other by posting comments, and they also involve the owner.

Pictures go up to showcase products and the inside of a shop. The owners of stores engage with their clients, even if only to say “be safe out there in the cold weather” or “don’t forget to give your loved one something good for Valentine’s Day.” It doesn’t have to be much.

The owner of Total Vape must not realize how wonderful a business platform he has at his disposal, or what his silence suggests about the way he does business. He hardly ever posts anything, not even photos. Combine poor ratings for employee attitudes, extraordinarily high prices, hardly any interest in social media (i.e. socializing with customers), and a lot of competition and you have a recipe for bankruptcy.