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Los Angeles California must be vape central for the whole country, maybe the world. There are tons of electronic cig stores and nicotine juice lounges in this metropolis and across Southern California. Vaping has taken California by storm, enticing many celebrities who have come to understand that while smoking helped them stay slim, it did nothing for their future prospects (living vs. dying a horrible, unglamorous death from lung cancer or another smoking-related illness). The Vapor Spot in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, and Sacramento has landed on the tracks of a trend that continues to grow in spite of the threat FDA regulations pose to it.

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The strictest and hardest of these regulations to comply with will affect vapor juice blenders, not electronic cigarette manufacturers necessarily. Their products are less in doubt than the juices are, though this means there are fewer choices of juice to put into the clearomizers and tanks you buy.

Vapor Spot sells both e-liquid and electronic cigarettes. Their shops are well organized to attract attention and display products as though they were something else; something already mainstream and completely acceptable to the general public.

You might walk in and think of art, curios, makeup, or jewelry. The atmosphere has more in common with a boutique-cum-salon than a vape store. Should this matter in Los Angeles? Maybe not, but not everyone in Los Angeles is comfortable with trendy vape shops. Most people have been in a hair salon or the makeup section of a department store.

Vapor Spot Images Online

The store has done a good job of promoting itself online with images of the inside of their shops giving people a preview of what to expect. They are beautifully arrayed with electronic devices in tall display cases and e-liquid lined up like perfume or bottles of nail polish. One visitor described the branch she was in as “futuristic.” Their products include neatly packaged starter kits, V4Life products, and lots more.

Impression of Vapor Spot

How you view Vapor Spot pricing depends on how you normally shop for electronic devices and nicotine juice. As an internet shopper, you would be aghast at the price charged for many of their items. If you tend to be a brick-and-mortar shopper, then their prices are not far off the mark, if not spot on.

What are you paying for? One thing is convenient customer service. If the store is open, that means an employee is there to talk you through your purchases; maybe the manager himself. You can sample juices before purchasing them, definitely not an option online. To sample online products, you would have to buy them in sample packs, thus paying less and buying less juice, but still paying. Also, there’s shipping to consider.

It is hard to find out all you want about a store if you can’t visit them online. Their Facebook page is some help, but they will soon have a webpage up and running as a reference point for out-of-town shoppers. This will feature an orange background with a central blue logo. The store itself is new, so it’s no surprise that they still don’t have a website to call their own.

Comments from Customers

You have to hand it to Vapor Spot managers: if they give good customer service, that is the best advertising around. Consumers are really happy with the way they are treated when they first enter The Vapor Spot. Employees are intelligent. Their patience is miraculous. Some people say it’s best when you are new and that having to go back with problems creates a less encouraging impression. But being a new venture, there could be some little issues to work out. Generally, word on the web has it that Vapor Spot has potential.

They carry lots of juices including their own house blend. Watch this lineup evolve as clients make suggestions about what they want to see and which juices can be ditched.


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