The Vapor Hut

Enter The Vapor Hut online site even if you aren’t shopping: it’s a fun read. Comments under products and the “Vape Lingo” page are enjoyable distractions when you need a smile. Oh, and they sell stuff too.

Where is The Vapor Hut?

The main base for The Vapor Hut is Midwest City, Oklahoma. The Vapor Hut also runs shops in Shawnee, Lawton, and Norman plus one in Mobile, Alabama. If you aren’t in the area, shop online. Call, write, or visit their page on Facebook.

The Vapor HutThe Vapor Hut Review

Among their stock are pricey-looking starter kits, but examine them closely. Lots of companies sell Joyetech starters for less, but they don’t include two batteries or vapor juice. The 650mAh set costs $70 while the eGo C Twist (650 or 1000) sells for $80. Each one comes with two tanks and 10mls of whatever flavor you like. The eGo C comes with EVOD tanks.

Five Boge Cartomizers are priced $6.95. An AGR Carto Tank carries a $15 tag. Buy disposable CE4 tanks for $5. King Kong drip tips are $3.95. This kind of competitive pricing will keep The Vapor Hut on the rails.

JM Mods are available here in 16mm and 22mm sizes. The 16mm is $120, but its larger incarnation (the same, but bigger) costs $280. Available in 6 colors, they feature brass contacts, a telescopic top pin, work with a 14500 battery, and are serialized.

Also on the list are items like AGA, JM22, and Cyclone RBAs. The Vapor Hut carries other brands such as Kanger, particularly the EVOD tank.

Juices from The Vapor Hut

The Vapor Hut carries two categories of juice: Signature Blends and Spacewars Sauce. This latter label makes cunning use of Star Wars characters because, face it: half the planet loves Star Wars and still gets a kick out of Darth Vader puns.

Sarlack’s Supper appears to be creamy tobacco, while Darth Vapor sips dark berry juice. Smell the aroma of coffee by Java the Hut, a hazelnut RY4 from RYD2, and sample a Wookey Cookie, especially if Chew tells you to. This one’s a creamy vanilla caramel graham cracker with nuts in it. If you don’t like it, Chewy doesn’t care and you probably shouldn’t tell him.

From Signature Blends, there is a Banilla Bean: banana and vanilla. Bottle Caps will remind you of those sweet, sour, fizzy candies dentists made their fortunes out of. Delirious evokes blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble is reminiscent of your mother’s baking if that’s a good thing.

Juice is priced $3 for 5mls. Nicotine percentages range from 2.4% to zero. The Vapor Hut gives out reward points to its customers so they can spend more time laughing on their website and, oh, yeah, buying stuff.