The Vape Theory

Where science and theory meet, that is where you will find The Vape Theory. This Glendale e cig shop brings luxury to fans of the industry with their comfortable store and an expensive online selection. In their words, “vaping is not just a culture, it is a community.” They welcome that community through their doors.

thevapetheory.comThe Vape Theory Review

Owners Richard Lubas and Stephen Mendap couldn’t find many vaping stores in L.A. back in mid 2013 when they began operating. A year later, there are lots of them, The Vape Theory being at the high end of the market. They carry many $200+ mechanical mods and $20+ drip tips.

In the store, customers will find a DJ booth (sometimes actually manned by a DJ), a flat screen TV, and a gallery of attractive hardware. They stock 100+ juice flavors by a long list of excellent juice companies.

Juice at The Vape Theory

Elixir, Aloha, and Beantown Vapor; Blue Hawaii, Buckshot, and DSquared: these are 6 out of many vapor juices on sale at The Vape Theory. If an e liquid is here, you can be sure the brand was chosen carefully and is a high-quality product.

Vape Theory Tanks

Most of the tanks are rebuildable atomizers. The Kanger ProTank (versions I and II) are the only truly affordable tanks in their catalogue.

Starter Kits on the Horizon

The online site has a heading for these but kits have not been uploaded onto the website yet. New vapers: when you visit the store, ask about their starter bundles which should include user-friendly eGo batteries and clearomizers.

The Vape Theory atomizersQuality Atomizers

Science of Vaping has a 5K dripper for $85 you can pick up here. It’s an RDA measuring 22 mm in diameter; excellent for e liquids containing a high percentage of vegetable glycerin. The USA-made 454 Atomizer Big Block costs $70 with airflow control and a removable top cap.

Purchase a Vicious Ant copper Kraken with a 15-mm chamber diameter and 22-mm outer diameter for $245. The Plume Veil rebuildable atomizer by Aether Tech, Quasar by Cosmic Innovations, and CaTs atomizer by RJ mods add more selection and style.

Purely Mechanical Mods

As you can imagine with a name like “Zeus,” this mod by Mystic Atmos is a formidable device for $245. Three tubes and telescopic pins increase your options. It also features reverse quick-locking for safety.

The Overdose copper mod by MCV is listed at $210 and is an 18650 device with a safety lock and bottom-firing button. Choose the 4Nine by Tarsius; a small magnetic mechanical cigarette compatible with three battery sizes.

Also on the list are Kato’s Hammer, the Assets V3 Hybrid, Hades 26650 by Footoon, and the Fuse Hybrid by UDC. All products at The Vape Theory are serialized, genuine devices. There are no HCigar or EHPro clones at The Vape Theory.

Finding Prices

You get the distinct feeling this is a boutique shop with a narrow audience in mind. Website photos are of excellent quality, like a fashion shoot, and do not list prices. You have to get deeper into the site to find those. That’s the way it often works at boutiques selling anything expensive.

That impression is strengthened by the number of products priced over $150. If you are shopping at The Vape Theory, money is not an object. Collecting a serialized mod is important to you. Even the sale items they list are expensive.

You belong to the relatively small number of vapers who eschew circuitry and batteries with LCD screens in favor of a truly mechanical e cigarette. To find out if they have what you want, contact The Vape Theory by phone or by email.