The Vape Bar

The Vape Bar has a great staff, a lot of stock, and tremendous selection going for it. They sell mods, pipes, starter kits, and variable voltage devices. Select glass or stainless drip tips. Talk to one of the friendly employees, telling him what you know about vaping and what you expect to get for your money. He will point you in the direction of a model you can easily use within your budget and even give you a tutorial.

The Vape BarVape Bar Review

Staff here spends time with customers. You never feel rushed or pressured to hurry up, select, buy, and leave. Try a lot of juices while watching television, seated on a couch in a relaxed environment. Come in with friends and chat or meet new people.

Music can be a little loud. Also, some prices are a bit higher than available online, but not by much. These are the only two complaints from customers online.

There are about 100 customer reviews or more on the internet; authentic impressions no one has paid for. Names of staff members are mentioned, so you know whom to look for when you visit the shop.

E Juices

As the name suggests, this is a Vape Bar: a place to vape socially and try liquids. They carry Five Pawns, ELiq Cube, Illusion, Shark Juice, and Uncle Junks liquids. A special favorite appears to be Shark Juice, which is frequently mentioned by consumers, but Five Pawns and ELiq Cube are highly popular. Vape Bar has chosen quality products.

Young Company

Vape Bar was only established less than a year ago in San Jose, California. It has taken no time for the business to create a fantastic reputation for itself. You will come away feeling that employees know a great deal about what they are selling and put customers ahead of everything else, even building a mod or atomizer for you.