Suicide Bunny E Juice

Who is this bunny and why is she suicidal? By the look of her and the reported success of her business, Suicide Bunny has every reason to be pleased about life.

The real Suicide Bunny happens to be a gorgeous Texan named Pip. Her products are enjoying rave reviews all over the internet. She does not sell them on her own website, so there is no reason to suspect anyone of stuffing their review pages with the good and excising the bad.

Why would they carry anything other than the best e liquid? Besides, Pip started her business as a reaction to crummy juice. She wasn’t about to add more to the current supply.

Suicide Bunny E Juice Bottle

Vendors for Suicide Bunny

Check out these claims for yourself by visiting Skyline Vapor, Vapor Mods, Giant Vapes, and a few other vendors with the sense to sell Suicide Bunny e liquids. They are not cheap by the way, but you do not expect good stuff to be cheap.

Suicide Bunny E Juice Review

With only a handful of juices to examine and try, there is no reason not to make an attempt at all of them. The five are Derailed, Mother’s Milk, Sucker Punch, The O.B., and Madrina. Mothers’ Milk is probably her best seller judging by how often that name appears during a search for Suicide Bunny e liquid.

Vaping Mother’s Milk

The bottle shows a topless, tattooed woman, heavily made up and covering her breasts with her arms. The woman is crying blood from one eye. What is her story? Her milk does not taste like a tragedy but calls to mind rich cream, strawberries (only subtly), and marshmallow or butter for some users. Mother’s Milk is only an all-day vape if you can handle the heaviness of a creamy e liquid.

The Joys of Becoming Derailed

On a bottle of Derailed you see a black haired woman scantily clad. This juice bears the same rich texture as Mother’s Milk but carries snickerdoodle, cinnamon, and banana to create an original blend and, despite the sexy imagery, reminds you of your mom’s kitchen (where she was no doubt fully clothed and probably not heavily made up while baking cookies).

The Lovely Madrina

This favorite of the Suicide Bunny is sweet but not sickly. A mysterious looking woman on the bottle gives way to layers of cream, tangerine, and honeydew melon, so the richness of those first two is offset by refreshing, juicy fruit.

How to Take a Sucker Punch

Have you ever been surprised by a beautiful woman’s power; her intellect and strength? Did a tiny person ever stand on stage and belt out a weighty tune? That’s what you get from Sucker Punch: a beautiful surprise, featuring a sexy boxer on the front of the glass bottle. Vapers suck on slightly sour candy.

O.B.: The Original Bunny

This was the first flavor; the opening act. Marilyn Monroe wears a mask, but you can see enough of her eyes and hair to know it’s her. She carries guns crossed over her chest. Her arms are tattooed, of course. Enjoy cream, cake, and a hint of strawberry.

For sale at Suicide Bunny

Suicide Bunny’s line is all about juice; it is not a website, so you will not find hardware associated with that name. Her focus is making the best e-liquid available and is considered a master in this art. If you become a friend and spend some time browsing her Facebook page, there might be some recommendations about the types of e cigs and mods that get the best out of her e liquid.

As noted above, you can pick up Suicide Bunny from a few retailers and also anywhere her juice features at the vape bar.

Each 30ml bottle costs $22. Nicotine percentages are 0, 6, 12, and 18. One site makes suggestions about the kind of tank to use with Suicide Bunny: an Innokin U-Can in their case. Yet, since the juice is light on fruit, you could probably vape it with anything.

Being heavy, though, it was probably made with more vegetable glycerin than propylene glycol, so your electronic cigarette has to be compatible with thick e liquid. If you don’t know what those are, talk to your vendor. He’ll know exactly which tanks and atties accept vegetable glycerin-dominant e liquid.

Here is the one frustrating thing, and it could be a problem when FDA regulations come into force: Suicide Bunny does not reveal her ingredients. She is secretive. You cannot afford to be secretive with the FDA breathing down your neck.

But I also feel that as a consumer, I should know what I am consuming. I wouldn’t buy a food or drink without reading the label. Why should e liquid be any different?

Suicide Bunny sells her goods in glass bottles, none of them with needle tops. You’ll need to pick up a dripping needle if you do not already own one.