Stella Vapors

At Stella Vapors, you are sure to be greeted warmly by knowledgeable staff. Employees are credited with being friendly and knowing all about whatever brought you in. From rebuilds to choosing good juice, this is the shop for picky e cig consumers.

Staff will find you e liquid of the correct ratio propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin for your atomizer and help you narrow down to a few flavors according to your favorite styles. Just let them know: custard, strawberry, or tobacco: whatever you like best, they have an idea of at least three that will suit you without even thinking hard.

StellaVapors.comShop Online or In-store

Before you visit their store, take a look at the website where their vendors and products are listed. Usually, a shop carries more goods than they post online so this might not be a comprehensive list.

It is also likely that the prices for online goods are cheaper than in-store pricing, but you might pay more or about the same in the long run shopping online owing to shipping costs. At least, by visiting, you are treated to their famed customer service, can try juices, and take a good look at products before buying them.

Brands at Stella Vapors

The selection is a mixture of names you know and names less well-known. Some vendor titles are unfamiliar because they are new. In particular, new e juice vendors keep joining the scene, but mod builders join the scene from time to time as well.

You will find names like Caterpillar, Epic, and Halcyon beside Kool Grey Cloudz, Blue Hawaiian, Vio Water, and Wyvern. Other e liquids include (but are not limited to) Blue Label, Selectas Choice, Bamboo Elixir, Avalanche E Juice, and Beetle Juice. Check back next week: there could be more.

Serious vapers have heard of Mojo, JA Vapes, Innovape, and Ghost Modder. They make mechanical mods or rebuildable atomizers.

Products at Stella Vapors

Now let’s get to actual products, like drip tips, mods, and RDAs/RBAs. There is a Bamboo from JA Vapes for $200 and a Chi You by Mojo for $225. The Terra Mod is $190 and a Ghost Modder GMTS costs $240. The Innovape Patriot RDA carries a price tag of $73.

Drip tips are a mixture of expensive types and reasonable ones: Cherry, Bullet, Zodiac, and Just the Tip (which looks like a small volcano).

Stella Vapors Review: Prices

This is an expensive shop, mostly because they carry expensive gear. If you were looking at Innokin and Kanger then that would be different. Chinese e cigs are much more affordable and there is a lot of competition to help rein prices in.

With authentic mods (and they are all authentic, limited edition pieces, not clones) you end up paying a lot more even if there’s a clone out there that works almost as well. The $7 CE4 is a tip, though, that you could be looking at higher prices than are absolutely necessary.

As for e liquids, prices vary and are set close to vendor prices. The only way to get them for less is by subscribing to a program like ZampleBox where you get 6 flavors chosen for you, sent in a monthly package, but then you never know just which brands you will receive.

About Stella Vapors

The motto at Stella Vapors is “Vaping Saves Lives.” They post a picture of their team, a happy bunch of people who look genuinely pleased to help customers prolong their lives by giving up cigarettes, pipes, and cigars. Ratings for their shops are excellent, particularly the one in Norco, California. They also have a shop in Diamond Bar, California, and one in Las Vegas, Nevada. You will find someone available to serve you and a selection of vaping goodies in-store every day of the week.