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Here’s a juice that’s made to order, not in batches that sit on shelves for months. Steam Juice is made in the United States from premium, USP ingredients. As the website says, the makers use this juice themselves. It’s good enough for them and for their customers. Enjoy browsing this site which is decorated with steam punk images at every turn.

Meet the Owner

The owner of Steam Juice is Steven Bassett. Being introduced is always nice. He’s not Steven B. or simply Steve. Many company owners fail to sign their names, which might leave consumers wondering why. When a business owner stamps his name on the website, he stands behind his products and claims the company proudly as his own. Consequently, customers feel more inclined to trust the company.

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The usual blend of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol for Steam Juice flavors is 50/50. Bassett recommends keeping this ratio, but you can change it if you prefer. There is not an endless supply of flavors; just a modest list of lovingly-made varieties, most of them on the sweet side. With the exception of a couple of nods to tobacco vapers, just about all of these will please dessert or fruit juice consumers.

Flavors by Steam Juice

Take Brittany’s American Pie, for instance, one of many featuring vanilla and/or ice cream. It should remind you of apple pie topped with warm caramel and ice cream: the stereotypical American dessert.

Old Fashion Yellow Cake is not as rich, but Vanilla Sky contains six kinds of vanilla for a pleasing blend which (according to Bassett) is not overkill. Coconut Candy should be familiar, apparently, to California vapers. You know what to expect from Dubba Bubba. The Blue Moon tastes like blueberries topped with vanilla ice cream.

A few of these juices sound like descriptions for heart-failure in a bottle, but get a load of Jerry Juice Unlimited devised in honor of Jerry Garcia. This one contains vanilla ice cream, cinnamon bun, caramel, coconut, and hazelnut. That’s one rich e-liquid, even richer than Chocolate Mousse.

Bombana Cream combines bananas with cream and vanilla. Try a Thick Vanilla Custard from Steam Juice and compare it with custard vapes by Grant’s, Space Jam, et al. If you are a custard fan, this is one of the many you must sample. A vape called 00892-B contains a mixture of chocolate custard enriched with nuts and sweet bread. That’s one more serving of custard e-liquid you’ll have to try.

For RY4 vapers, Golden Road goes further than the usual tobacco-caramel-vanilla ménage to become more like a dessert vape than a tobacco style. If you had to separate Steam Juice into categories, “Candy,” “Dessert,” and “Fruit” might suffice. They’ve got coffee and a few other fruits as well as the items listed here but a general lack of cocktails, mixed hot drinks (tea, cappuccino, etc.), and they don’t go mad for menthol either. At least, you know you’re in the right place if anything with “cream” or “vanilla” is in your profile of favorite e-juices.

Ordering E-Liquid from Steam Juice

Once your order is placed, it must be mixed, so processing is not instantaneous. Be prepared for up to five days of processing before your order is shipped. Bottles come in 15ml or 30ml sizes if you want glass, often considered to be the best medium for storing e-liquids as it does not interfere with flavor. 120-ml bottles are shipped in HDPE food grade plastic mini jugs.

Phenolic caps on the glass bottles do not feature droppers so ask for these at the check out. When ordering, ask if any of these juices crack tanks: my guess is they’re all safe. You would have to worry if they were strong with cinnamon or citrus, but neither of these ingredients is dominant in vape juices by Steam Juice. Choose up to 2.4% nicotine and smaller ratios right down to zero nicotine.

More Products from Steam Juice

They don’t carry a big line of products at Steam Juice, but Bassett’s stock is affordable. He has chosen several mechanical mod clones such as the Nimbus, Patriot, and Tobh. Do not expect to pay more than $17 for any of them. The RSST costs $27.99. A King Mod Clone sells for $25.99. Besides these mods, Steam Juice also carries batteries by Panasonic, MNKE, and Sony to go with them. Search for wick, wire, and fill when you’re at the website placing an order.

Bassett has opted not to be a general supplier carrying Innokin, Kanger, et al. His focus is juice: trying to get the best items to customers at reasonable prices. He operates an easy website and charges a decent price for e-liquids: as little as $8.99 for some juices. He also offers a great deal on a sample pack of four 30-ml bottles costing $39.99.

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