Steam Cigs

In case you pipe, smokers hadn’t noticed electronic cigarettes are for you too. Maybe you aren’t interested in the pen-shaped ones or analog tobacco flavors, but you are not alone. Former pipe smokers have created liquids and mods for people like you and for their own pleasure.

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From the moment you walk into the Steam Cigs lounge, it will feel like home. The space is big, full of natural light, and furnished comfortably. Owner Matt Wellman has created a comfortable environment for socializing and learning in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Every Thursday night there are workshops from 5:30 onward discussing atomizers or demonstrating a rebuild. Events take place throughout the year. Customers’ friends and spouses who do not vape can grab a coffee or tea and no one will think less of them for it.

Various Elegant Pipes

Steam Cigs specializes in pipes: Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer), Jazz Pipes, and Steam Pipes. Each one is a beautiful device; nothing from a factory in China. The Steam Pipe line is all hand-carved items like the Tabir from Yucatan Rose Wood ($125), Dwarven from Bloodwood (two-tiered), and Barrel made from Chakte Viga. Each item comes with a flat or domed button made from aluminum, copper, or brass plus the bowl: all other parts are sold separately.

Other styles are the corn cob pipe (like Frosty the Snowman), Poker, Liverpool, Billiard Style, and Freehand. The Judge made from Mexican Redheart resembles a gavel. Jazz Pipes feature more brass and unusual designs. The Mjolnir series is engraved and gavel-like.

Liquids for Pipe Smokers

Pipe tobacco is nothing like cigarette tobacco. They do not smell or taste the same. You cannot expect a pipe smoker to switch over to a Turkish Tobacco or Malboro-style e-liquid happily. Instead, he can select from specially formulated pipe-style juices. You will love the bottles, designed to resemble old-fashioned elixir bottles like the kinds shady hawkers used to sell from soap boxes in the middle of town: stuff to cure everything, from gout to blindness.

A 30ml bottle of Pipe Sauce costs $15.99 and is blended with up to 2.4% nicotine (24-proof they call it). This is not alcohol, though Malt and Cider would be drinks on some other menu. Choose Kentucky Blue Grass, Grandpa’s Coughing Medicine, Oak Barrel Cider, Sweet Georgia Peach, Piper Mint, Shire Malt, and Long Bottom Leaf. Those last two are references to Middle Earth. That makes just 7 styles of pipe tobacco.

Switching Juice Styles

Numerous consumers like the feel of a pipe but not the taste of pipe tobacco. Or, they like it but are curious to find out what other choices they have. Although Wellman encourages people to try the e-liquid style of tobacco which is so different from analog, he respects that everyone has different tastes.

Steam Sauce comes in 15 flavors such as Deadeye with chocolate mint flavoring, Coquette for rum and coke lovers, and Airship with strawberry, kiwi, and menthol. Zephyr brings you a watermelon blend. Try Phileas Fogg for Sangria. A hot air balloon theme rums through the names as you might have noticed. Price and nicotine levels are the same as above.

The Website for Steam Cigs

When you enter the site and go in search of products, two options will appear. Stay with Steam Cigs or visit EPipes. So, it is really the EPipes website you visit to find products for sale. They can be purchased online along with liquid. Steam Cigs’ website is more of a reference page. Stay there to view pictures of the vape lounge and store or to contact the owner. Discover where Steam Sauce and Pipe Sauce are sold beyond the four walls of their store.