South Beach Smoke

By Rebecca Diaz

South Beach Smoke has a powerful internet presence with its stylish products and effective marketing strategies. Their website changed some months ago to a roaring-twenties feel suggesting e-smoking is as good if not better than smoking old-fashioned analog cigarettes. Here is a South Beach Smoke review, showing you why the product routinely gets 4 ½ out of 5 stars or 9.5 out of 10.

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South Beach Smoke E CigBeginners

The number one reason clients love South Beach Smoke could be that they are first-time e-smokers who are trying to quit cigarettes. It is hard to say, given that thousands of customers enjoy the product immensely.

Still, many comments point out that, as beginners to e-cigarettes, they are mostly impressed with how much healthier they feel a few months in. They no longer smell like a chemical factory either.

Another point frequently made in reviews by customers is that South Beach Smoke products are best for new e-smokers, not for the ones who have been vaping for any length of time. Once you become accustomed to vaping, it might be a good idea to source out other products which provide power control.


This is a stylish vaping pen. In particular, if you want to convince yourself that you did not enter the electronic revolution and are still smoking analogs, South Beach Smoke is a good product. Their batteries and cartridges are designed, when put together, to resemble the real thing.

Not everyone is thrilled about packaging and presentation: perhaps South Beach Smoke could make a better effort in this department.

Battery Life

The funny thing about reading reviews is that you can get extreme opinions about topics, and a review of South Beach Smoke batteries proves this point. Some consumers complained their batteries died quickly. Other writers were impressed with how long they lasted and the vapor they produced.

Maybe a few customers received duds or they failed to charge batteries long enough. Expectations also go a long way towards deciding how good a product is. In our case, their batteries that we have used are some of the longest lasting of the standard sized.

Taste the Flavor of E-Juice

For instance, having no expectations, new e-smokers enjoy the flavors of South Beach Smoke. Vaping consumers that have done the rounds, reviewing one product after another, are unimpressed. One review said this was some of the weirdest e-juice around and it was difficult to say why except that artificial qualities were obvious. Vapor production, however, was fabulous.

South Beach Smoke makes 10 flavors, so there are no outrageous options.

Costs of Giving Up

If you want to give up cigarettes, e smoking is the way to do it. No other method appears to be as successful. If you decide to try e-smoking to quit analogs, read e-smoking review sites to further investigate, and use of the the discounts available to save some money.

South Beach Smoke Custom BuilderCustom Vaporizer Builder

The latest South Beach Smoke vaporizers present a catalogue of contrasts: from the light and discrete Air to the colors of a Storm; the shapeliness of a Curve to the straight and solid Thunder. Your power levels start at 350 mAh and go up to 1300 mAh.

Each of these has its unique features, yet these features are interchangeable. Don’t see exactly what you want in the form of a single vaporizer? Maybe you like one part of the Thunder but elements of the Curve.

Perhaps the Air and Storm could be taken apart and combined to form an unexpected design and color scheme. The simple solution to your aesthetic conundrum is to mix pieces using South Beach Smoke’s latest feature — the South Beach Smoke Custom Vaporizer Builder

Not only has South Beach Smoke added bigger, better e cigs to their catalogue but they have also started a new selection system. You can buy a starter kit or build a vaporizer from scratch. Although starter kits are cheaper, they limit you to buying package in one style. You can mix and match colors, but that’s only the start of what you could do to personalize your vaporizer.

build your own custom vaporizerSimple System to Use

Click on the “Build your Own Vaporizer” heading and you will be taken to a selection page. Products come up on the page with arrows so you can scroll through all of them, starting with the battery.

Choose the battery type, color, and size. Once you have hit “select,” this will show up on the screen in a box on the right.

As the picture is filled in, you might be reminded of a girls’ fashion building template where she would cut out clothing from scrap-booking paper or, using a stencil, draw a skirt to the given shape then do the same with a blouse and shoes.

Add a clearomizer or cartomizer next from any of their vaporizers: they all work together. You will be asked if you want atomizers or chargers. Finally, your package is ready. Prices are tallied to show the final bill. All you have to do now is add e liquid.

South Beach Smoke e juiceE Liquid at South Beach Smoke

An extensive list includes top blends, tobacco, menthol, dessert, fruit, custom e juice, and “other” juices. Among top blends are Sweet Tobacco, Lemon Apple Candy crush, and Watermelon Chill.

Blueberry Cheesecake, Mint Julep, and The Godfather (amaretto and bourbon) represent three more of thousands of possibilities. Many new blends have been added recently and customers are welcome to select their own combinations of flavors.

Summary of the Build Your Own Vaporizer System

This is a great idea, something no other brand has come up with before. Although you could mix and match at Vaporfi, they do not have the program that shows you exactly what it will look like to combine a yellow clearomizer with a purple Curve battery.

The picture you see on the screen (if you are working on a standard laptop) is about the right size too and shows the relationship in size between your clearomizer and battery.

One thing I’m not crazy about is that this method does not seem to give you a super price. And you don’t add juice here either. In fact, none of the South Beach Smoke vaporizer starter kits comes with free juice. The price is cheap at $14.99 for 30 ml, but a sample bottle would be a decent gesture considering their hardware is not cheap.

South Beach Smoke: Still Great for Cigalikes

If you are visiting the South Beach Smoke website and thought this was a brand of beginners’ e cig, you came to the right place. They still carry their mini cigs for vapers who are just getting their first taste of e liquid and hoping these will become a suitable alternative to cigarettes. Just look to their starter kits for affordable ways to start vaping.

The great thing about their vaporizers is that South Beach Smoke will now be able to stay with their customers when they are no longer newbies and are ready to try e cigs which are stylish and powerful enough for all-day vaping.


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