Is it possible that after just a few years any e-cig company could become a dinosaur of the industry? Take a look at SmokeTip, inside and out. You might find yourself joining a dig and coming up with old-style products that are due for archaeological classification.


Keep in mind that all companies that want to compete are in the process of developing new products or refining their current ones. They all want to be top dog out there, and this SmokeTip review could be obsolete in the coming year if SmokeTip makes some changes, which they should do.

For Starters

They could change their website and packaging to start with. Both of them say “basic” all over, or maybe “cheap.” SmokeTip could go to a little effort and make a much better impression with more solid packaging and a modern logo.

Fixing Problems

A harder thing to fix might be their customer service, which almost takes flack. Customers who had problems (and there have been lots of those) complain that they get no sympathy and have even been ripped off. Shipments are slow and sometimes wrong. Problems are not corrected in the prompt and courteous manner clients expect. How does a company continue to operate with problems like these?

Doing Something Right

There must be something they do right. Vapor production could be their top feature. While one reviewer was completely unimpressed, others have said they hardly draw at all and their mouths fill with vapor. The taste of SmokeTip vapor is great and with lots of flavors to select from, clients feel they have enough choice.

Battery Power

How can vapor production be high with such a low-power battery? I am inclined to believe the negatives more than the positives, simply because creating a substantial amount of vapor requires some power. As for flavor, that is not reliant on power. The e-liquid is a topic of its own. Customers seem to like SmokeTip’s flavors.