Smokeless In Seattle

If you are going sleepless because you want a cigarette and the e-liquid you have found so far does not satisfy your expectations, visit Smokeless in Seattle. They are open seven days a week. Clients say this is an easy-going place to visit where customers come first. Employees take time to share their knowledge on the subject of vaping without being pushy or impatient.

Owned by a Veteran

Jeff Goldman, the owner, is a veteran of the United States Army. He opened his store in 2012. The interior décor is decidedly masculine but mellow too, not so full of testosterone women can’t breathe for the scent of musk. By the way, Smokeless in Seattle is located in Kent in Washington, not Seattle, but close enough.

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The job of a vape shop, in Goldman’s opinion, is to fulfill an absolute need. In this case, it is his job to help smokers put down their cigarettes and choose electronic cigarettes.

His website is currently under construction, but a lot of the information you need about this marvelous place is available on the internet. His company profile leaves you feeling all warm inside, as though there is a niche in the material façade of society where real people strive for high-minded goals and succeed. Yet it’s still a business and a good one to prepare for retirement down the road.

E-Liquid in Seattle

Not only does Goldman believe in offering a service to the community, not just a profit-making enterprise, but he also believes in supporting other local businesses. As such, the liquids he stocks come from three local juice makers: Veteran Vapors, Two Peas in a Pod, and Miomi.

With about 70 flavors, there is every chance your fruit, tobacco, menthol, or dessert vape is on the list. Clients are welcome to sample flavors and find a perfect match for their palate without feeling pressured.

Hardware at Sleepless in Seattle

Choose from one of several Innokin items like the iTaste SVD or MVP 2. An Innokin iTaste V3 is also listed. It’s a brand that is sure to please with suitable items for beginner, intermediate, and advanced vapers.

Battery replacements are a fact of life, even for the consumer who goes green and only used rechargeable batteries. In the vaping world, there is no other choice (unless you are buying disposables) but they still run out of power eventually. Replace your eGo batteries, including pass-through batteries, at Smokeless in Seattle.

Tanks and Clearomizers

Vapers often own more than one rebuildable clearomizer and a glass tank. A certain tank fits a particular battery. The atomizer provides a certain resistance while the battery is set for juices heated at a certain voltage. A tank holds citrus vapes while a plastic clearomizer is used for pastry-flavors.

Glass units are reserved for acidic choices. Purchase one vessel or select multiple items to ensure you can vape what you want when you want to. Besides the iClear 30 DCC, Kanger Evods and some hand-blown glass items are kept in stock. Choose between Smokeless in Seattle’s aluminum, fancy, and skull-shaped drip tips and choose a case to match your battery color.


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