Smokeless Image Volt

Comparing prices for e cig starter kits is not easy when some have two batteries, others contain car adapters, and still others come with portable charging cases or luxury cases. Make life simple for yourself and buy a Volt. This Smokeless Image Volt review is dedicated to explaining what it is and why the value is so good.

A Starter Kit by Volt

The $51.96 starter kit from Volt is one item containing many pieces. There is nothing confusing about it. Buy this kit and then add stuff as you go along from a list of affordable accessories instead of scrolling through 5 possible packages.

Initially, you receive two rechargeable batteries (lithium ion), five filter tips, a charging case, and a USB charger. There are loads of battery colors, LED options, and the choice of manual or automatic batteries, 65mm or 75mm (mini or regular).

A warning on the starter kit page says that manual batteries are not currently compatible with the portable charging case, but the company is working on that. Even the PCC features a few color choices, while flavors run the regular gamut: fruits, tobacco, menthol, and sweets.

Cartomizers at Smokeless Image

Flavors for Volt cartomizers include Menthol Burst, grape (two sorts), Ice Menthol, RY4, vanilla, and various tobaccos. Buy a Smooth Sampler, Sweet Sampler, or a Strong Sampler with nicotine varying from 0 to 1.8%. While not especially high where throat hit is concerned, that should satisfy someone who used to smoke regular cigarettes.

Packages of five cartomizers cost less than $10 whether full or blank: the average is at least $1 more than that. Mini Clearos in 7 colors cost $2.39 each: so affordable. Bottled liquid is available too. NicQuid juice comes in 5ml bottles, each one $4.89.

Volt nicotine juice costs $11.96 for 30mls. What a jump. It is one of the few things I do not like: the necessity to select a big bottle if I want Volt liquids instead of NicQuid.

Accessories for a Volt

Here is something I appreciate about Volt (and any other e cig company that makes the same move): they offer high-powered batteries and tanks. It’s not good enough and short-sighted to sell mini cigs and expect consumers to stick with those forever. They might continue vaping on minis, but eventually they want another option as well.

X2 batteries from Volt cost $15.99 for 650mAh with higher-priced options of 900mAh and 1300mAh. A spinner costs $18.36. Believe me, where brands are concerned, this is good. The X2 is available as an automatic or a manual. Clearos for the X2 cost just $6.36. Okay, they aren’t rebuildable, but this is decent.

The PCC costs $23.96. You can pick up diamond or stealth caps for under a dollar each so as to dim the LED or brighten it. Lanyards and carto cases are sold here for around the $3 mark: much lower than you might expect. If you are used to believing that e cig companies overcharge, Volt is the exception, one reason you find them on some retail sites next to Joyetech and Kanger products.