Smart Smoke

You will absolutely love the packaging at Smart Smoke. Cartridges come in green and white vitamin bottles, like you are lighting up Omega 3-6-9 tablets instead of liquid nicotine. The verdict on how healthy e cigarettes are is not yet determined, and nicotine is highly addictive, so this is not a healthy habit. Compared to smoking cigarettes, however, Smart Smoke e cigs are a great choice.

Smart Smoke Review

Not only will packaging put you in mind of health supplements, but the name “Omega” given to two of their starter kits might reinforce that image. Smart Smoke’s cheapest starter kit is their Alpha.

An Alpha starter kit is a bit too expensive, unfortunately, and I would rather not pay for novel packaging if this is responsible for the price hike. $39.95 gives you ten cartridges and a battery plus the USB. Add a second battery and the price will be fine, but customers have to buy them separately.

For $59.95, buy the Omega. While an Alpha contains the Smart Smoke cigalike, the Omega is an eGo style e cig with a 650mAh battery. With one battery cone, a USB charger, and 10 cartridges, it is priced competitively. Again, though, a second battery would be preferred. Yet, if I wanted to buy one of these independently I can without feeling ripped off.

A caveat worth noting is that there are no 0% nicotine cartridges at Smart Smoke. Having said all of that good stuff about better health and vitamin-bottle packaging, this takes a bit of the shine off of their image.

I also get the impression you have to buy their cartridges to go with their batteries and the cartridges cannot be refilled for these two models and another, the Stogie. Handy vapers will soon get their tanks open and give it a try, but that is not advised by Smart Smoke.

The Sigma is another matter. A kit features the USB charger, manual battery (280mAh), 20ml of liquid (with different flavor options), SmartCart and Smart Tank atomizers/mouthpieces. It costs $59.95. I have to say this is a fine looking piece of equipment.